DIY Chalkboard project

Chalkboards are an essential element to add to any event, particularly those that incorporate DIY projects. This is my first real DIY project that has turned out well and I’m quite proud of it (even though Glen did most of the hard work).

Things you will need:

* Chalkboard spraypaint (alternatively, you could use chalkboard paint… I chose the spraypaint option because it was the same price and it seemed like it would be quicker – which it was! It also resulted in an even paint job).

* Hardboard – I got mine from Builder’s Warehouse. It cost R89 for 1220 x 2440 so I have about 5 large pieces and 23 smaller pieces. This board comes in white or brown.

* A half-face dust mask.

Step 1:

Following the advice of a friend, I bought my boards from Builder’s Warehouse and I got them cut there for an extra R20. It helps if you know the measurements you want before going to buy your boards.

Step 2:

This is by far the most enjoyable part of the project. I’m not sure how long this would have taken if I had bought paint, but with the spraypaint it took a total of 20 minutes to spray the boards.

This is Glen spraypainting like a champion.

Don’t forget your mask! Glen and I are considering using them to dress up like hypochondriacs for our next dress-up party.

Step 3:

Leave your boards out to dry. Follow the instructions on the can to see how long you should leave them out. Mine were dry enough to be touched after 20 minutes and dry enough to be handled after an hour.

Before and after:

The finished product:


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