The benefits of an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator

Let’s face it, almost every newly engaged woman has a mental filing system of wedding ideas she has stored up since she was a little girl. Most grooms are also happy to add their special touch to a wedding. The point being that couples generally don’t want to part with the task of planning their own wedding. Wedding co-ordinators tend to be reserved for upper class celebrities who don’t have an abundance of spare time on their hands.


An on-the-day wedding co-ordinator will allow the couple to plan their own wedding without the stress of having to do it all themselves. Which bride wants to be setting up the church and decorating the tables at the reception venue on the morning of her wedding when she could be enjoying a glass of bubbly with her bridesmaids while they get ready together?!

As an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator, I would meet with you three times before your wedding to make sure I’m up to speed with your planning. If it helps, I can provide you with the necessary check lists so you can keep up with all the planning and stay on track. Two weeks before your wedding I would take over the planning. My roles would include, but would not be limited to, contacting your vendors, overseeing the setting up and tearing down of the ceremony and reception venues, and making sure things run on schedule (ie gathering your family for the family photos, making sure the bar men have begun pouring champagne for the speeches, etc).

Depending on the size of your wedding this would cost 10% of your wedding budget with a minimum fee of R2500. Weddings are usually a stressful time for brides, families and close friends, so anything that will relieve stress and allow all of you to enjoy your special day is worth it!



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  1. B. Alloon

    There is a balloon in the way and I can’t finish reading the article.

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