Things to do on your wedding day

So much energy and preparation goes into planning a wedding, so why not spend a little bit of time thinking about some things that could make this day stress-free. Here are some suggestions…

1. Wear something photo-appropriate while getting ready

Of course you want to be comfortable while you’re getting ready with your bridesmaids, but you should keep in mind the fact that lots of photos will be taken while you are getting your hair and make-up done. Some brides opt for cute tank tops or hoodies with “Bride” or “Wifey” written on them, but if you all you do is make sure you are wearing something worth looking at in photos, you will be more than happy!

2. Don’t try anything new in your beauty routine

Every bride’s nightmare is blotchy red skin in her wedding photos, so to avoid that, make sure you don’t try any new facial products on the day. Stick to your daily routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise, etc) and let your make-up artist do the rest.

3. Organise your accessories the night before

To avoid forgetting your engagement ring at home, or leaving your expensive necklace at the hotel, make a list of everything you’ll need on the day and pack those things the night before.

4. Don’t forget to eat

It doesn’t matter what time of day you have planned to walk down the aisle, you will need to eat beforehand. Make sure you have energy by eating a big breakfast in the morning and enjoying the expensive food at your reception!

5. Give your maid of honour an emergency kit

In your list of things to pack the night before, make sure you have a small bag to give to a bridesmaid to keep between the ceremony and reception (and to hide under your table during the reception). This emergency kit should have pain killers, an energy bar, safety pins, tooth picks, clear nail polish, slip slops or pumps (for sore feet), lip gloss, a comb, tissues, and anything else you may want to have close by.

6. Ask someone to be your point person

The best way to steer clear of wedding day stress, is to make someone your point person. This could be a family member or wedding co-ordinator. This person would make sure your vendors have arrived and set up, gather family members for family photos, facilitate the set up at the church, and handle any on-the-day emergencies that brides should not even need to know about.

7. Be thankful

There are few things more awkward than forgetting to thank someone during your speech. It may be helpful to make an extensive list of everyone who contributed towards your wedding ahead of time (if you make a ‘thank you’ speech off the top of your head, you are likely to leave someone off the list unintentionally).

8. Relax and have a good time

Make sure you don’t rush through your wedding day so quickly that you forget to enjoy yourself. Sneak off with your groom and enjoy a few quiet moments together to appreciate what is meant to be one of the most memorable days you will share. Take crazy photos, eat the food you and your family are spending money on, dance til your feet hurt, and make sure you get to have conversations with the people you love – especially your new husband.


* Photo by Rory Mole Photography


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