Illuminate My Christmas – Part 1: The Christmas Tree

December is here and the countdown to Christmas has officially started! Shopping malls have Christmas decorations all over the place and happy Christmas tunes playing almost non-stop. I can’t say I’m complaining – I LOVE Christmas!

One of my favourite ways to start celebrating is to decorate our family Christmas tree. This year, I spent more time taking photos of my brother Matthew and my boyfriend Glen while they decorated the tree.



Until this Christmas, my family has used hand-made decorations. Although this may instill wonderful ideas of Pinterest-style DIY decorations, they looked a little more like toilet rolls with doilies stapled to them as makeshift Christmas angels.

There are nicer ways of decorating your Christmas tree while still keeping enough money to spend on presents and other aspects of the festivities. It’s all about colour co-ordination. This year, we focused on lights, gold and red decorations and mini acorns. We avoided tinsel at all costs! We used our favourite family Christmas tree, lights from Eagle Lighting (R60 for 10m of 100 rice lights), and the rest of our decorations came from The Crazy Store and PEP Stores (prices ranged from R8 – R20 for about 6 – 12 decorations).

A few years ago we put our favourite toilet roll Santa on top of our tree (don’t judge!) but this year we found a beautiful star for R8.

photo (5)



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