Wedding Trends

Here is a collection of some pictures of my favourite recent wedding trends…



Invitations, wedding dresses, bridal party outfits, photo booth props, decor. You name it!



Vintage decor available for hire at Illuminate My Event: Vintage Decor Hire

Burlap and Lace

This beautiful mix of masculine and feminine is typically found in wedding decor and sometimes in invitations and other things that beautify a wedding.

burlap and lace



Love birds

From invitation designs to bird cages to cake toppers to origami birds, love birds have become a beautiful theme in many recent weddings.



birds 2



Photo booth

Wedding photographers very rarely approach each table to take photos of the guests. Instead, guests are invited to get their photo taken with (sometimes cheesy) props.

Wedding photo booth




This trend was first seen in a hair-dyeing technique and is now found in dresses, cakes, table cloths, invitations, etc.

ombre wedding cake


Guest book creativity

Gone are the days when guests would be handed a book to write in. Couples would rather have their guests sign something special such as a Bible, board game, photo or musical instrument.

guest book


guest book 2



Hash Tags

These days, most guests have Instagram and Twitter and use these to broadcast their photos and well wishes before, during and after a wedding. Bridal couples can suggest a Hash Tag (for example #TurnerWedding) so they can keep up with all the photos and tweets.




Digital invites

Keeping up with the digital trend is using a website as an invitation. A lot of brides prefer sending out traditional hard copy invitations and putting in the effort to make them look beautiful. Other couples have found it very useful to track RSVPs and to post all the necessary information on one website without limited space.

My absolute favourite online wedding invitation: Jess and Russ


Keeping it personal

The biggest wedding trend is opting not to take part in wedding traditions. Many brides ask both their parents to walk them down the aisle. Instead of throwing the bouquet, couples give the bouquet to a guest at the wedding. Choosing to celebrate in the family’s garden instead of hiring an expensive venue. Doing a choreographed ‘first dance’ with the bridal party. Not having a seating plan. There are many ways in which brides and grooms have chosen to boycott traditional weddings and for the most part, these ideas have been well received. At the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration of the beginning of a lifelong marriage. It should be something special to the couple, whether it is a traditional celebration or something completely different.




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