DIY banner

A few months ago, I took it upon myself to make a banner for Glen Hartmann. We found that while performing his amazing music, the audience would hear his name and have no idea how to spell it (how difficult can that be?) so it was a necessary addition to his stage decor.

photo (2)


What you will need:

– Material (I chose hessian, which I bought from a fabric factory store in Honeywell Road, Retreat).

– Paper (this is a good opportunity to use scrap paper).

– If you are using text and you don’t have a steady hand, you will need a computer and printer.

– Scissors.

– Fabric paint and brush.

– Rope (twice the length of your material).

– Sewing machine (or killer sewing skills).


How I did it:

– I first cut my material to the desired size. In my case, it had to be big and bold.

– I typed out the letters of Glen’s name (luckily there are a few duplicates, so I made one ‘N’ and used it three times). My material was large enough for me to print each of Glen’s letters on an A4 page and it all fit in perfectly.

– I spent quite a while neatly cutting out each letter. Remember that this is going to be your stencil, so the outline of each letter has to be neat.

– I chose to do the painting outside on a table that was covered in newspaper (it’s always good to keep the surface covered). It helped things to dry quickly as well. I used regular black fabric paint.

– Make sure you keep a small weight on your stencil if you are using paper, particularly if there is a breeze.

– Once the paint had dried, we sewed a hem into the top length of the banner. This has to be big enough for the rope to slip in. We didn’t sew the rope to the banner, so if we ever want to replace it with something longer or sturdier, we can simply pull it out and put a new rope in.

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