Jams for Justice

Jams for Justice – harnessing the power of the arts to create traffick jams.


I am very excited to announce that I have joined forces with my lovely friend, Greer Bell, to put together a series of events that will inspire people to fight human trafficking. The goal is to use music and other aspects of the arts to create traffick jams. At each event, we will have some form of artistic entertainment as well as ample opportunities for people to find out how they can get involved in anti-human trafficking. We are trying to be as practical as possible, by linking with organisations and safe houses that are in need of our help. By attending a Jams for Justice event, you will be contributing to a good cause simply by paying your entrance fee and by buying the baked goods we will have on sale. You will also be able to sign up and offer your services (you may want to paint the walls of a safe house or you may want to contribute money. Whatever it is, there will be someone to put you in touch with the right people).

Jams for Justice: the pilot

Our first installment is taking place on Thursday 18 July at The Waiting Room in Long Street, Cape Town. The doors will open at 8pm and we will kick off the event at 8:30pm with a presentation entitled “Human Trafficking 101”. We have two amazing musicians performing for us: Paige Mac and Evelyn Hart. So if you are not interested in anti-human trafficking but you enjoy good music, you will still enjoy yourself. For this event, we are donating 50% of the money that comes through the door to S-Cape, a safe house in Cape Town.

To find out more about future projects and events find the Jams for Justice Facebook page:


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