Wedding Tip: entertainment options for guests who don’t dance

Let’s face it, most evening weddings (and some daytime weddings) have a lot of dancing. For some people this is the only time they find themselves on the dance floor and they don’t have the stamina that some of their dancer friends have.

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Wedding Tip: have some other activities ready for guests who don’t want to dance all night. 

I have compiled a list of a few options of things your guests can do during the wedding reception. The list isn’t extensive so you are free to add things that are unique to you as a couple:

1. Photo booth

Some guests can get really into this and will spend ages waiting in the queue, pick up a prop and pose, and then get back into the queue and do it all over again!


2. Creative guest book

By choosing a guest book that requires more than just writing a short message in a book, your guests have the opportunity of being creative and spending some time leaving a special message that reflects their personalities.

guest book 2 guest book 3 guest book

3. Create your own sundae

Spending time choosing their sundae toppings and going back for seconds is always a fun alternative to dancing.

ice cream bar

4. Lawn games

This is great for summer weddings which take place in or next to a garden.

lawn games 2 lawn games

5. Board games

This is the perfect way to hangout with guests in a less crowded and noisy atmosphere.

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wedding games weddings


Weddings are a fun opportunity to hangout with friends and family members and to meet new people…. What activities have you enjoyed at weddings you have been to?

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