Wedding Tip: avoid the brides’ biggest regret

I have spoken to many brides and grooms who have listed their biggest wedding-related regrets.

“I spent hours making beautiful decor for the ceremony and when I walked down the aisle, it was nowhere to be seen”

“I specifically wanted my guests to wait outside the reception venue until I arrived. Someone at the venue forgot to put up a sign and my guests ended up sitting in the venue hours before they were supposed to be let in”

“My reception didn’t go according to the schedule I had given to my MC so everything felt rushed towards the end”

OK, so these may not be the BIGGEST regrets, but they can be things you look back on and say “if only I was able to take charge of that aspect of my wedding”. Let’s face it! Brides and grooms spend months planning their wedding and when it comes to the day, they have to let go and hope their well-planned wedding happens the way they have envisioned.

Wedding Tip: Hire a Day Of co-ordinator

Most wedding reception venues offer a co-ordinator, which sounds like a great deal. However, that co-ordinator’s responsibilities are venue-related only. That person won’t be the one making sure your ceremony decor is set up. They won’t take your flowers from the ceremony to the reception. They won’t run after your MC when he isn’t following your well-planned schedule. Their tasks are generally focused on booking the venue, making sure everything is set up perfectly (and that doesn’t always include your DIY decor which may be sitting at your parents’ house) and making sure their caterers and staff members are on schedule.

Hiring a Day Of Co-ordinator means you have hired someone who will get to know you during the planning process. This person will know EXACTLY what you have visualised while dreaming about your wedding. They will be at the wedding from start to finish, ensuring that what you have planned is exactly what happens. They will be the point person for every aspect of your wedding and they will be mindful of things you haven’t even considered.

For more reasons why hiring a Day Of Co-ordinator is a necessity, take a look at this article.

Hiring a Day Of Co-ordinator means you can enjoy your wedding, knowing that the things you have planned are going to happen 🙂



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