Wedding Tip: Creating a beautiful setting for your “getting ready” photos

Today’s wedding tip comes from a photo taken by my photography friend Adrian Shields.

wedding tip adrian shields

While planning your wedding, don’t forget that the room you choose to get ready in will be the backdrop to your “getting ready” photos.

Wedding Tip: creating a clutter-free space with few distractions makes it easier to get the perfect “getting ready” photos.

Adrian Shields offers his advice: “When selecting a room to get ready in, choose a room that has space. Try and limit yourself to having your bridesmaids and your make up artist around you only. The less the clutter, the fewer people you have distracting you the easier it is to get wonderful “Getting Ready” images :)”

To add to this tip, the outfit you wear before you put on your wedding dress, will feature in a lot of these photos as well, so make sure you pick something that is not only comfortable, but pretty too!




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