Wedding Tip: keep your guests cool during hot summer weddings

Summer is wedding season – and it’s quite clear why… the weather is beautiful, everyone is tanned and pretty and you can have lovely outdoor weddings. There is a downside to this… your guests tend to get really hot and uncomfortable when they are out in the sun for too long. However, there are ways to avoid this:

Wedding tip: hire parasols to keep your guests shaded on a hot summery day

parasol 1


Other things you can do to keep your guests cool:

– Have an abundance of cool water readily available for guests to drink.

– Serve ice-cream, gelato, popsicles  and/or milkshakes for dessert.

– Your wedding favours can be summer hats, sunglasses, fans or little containers with sunblock.

– Create fans and print your programs on them. Guests can keep up to date with the schedule for the day, while keeping themselves cool.

– Create some shade by hiring a canopy or even making one!

You can hire parasols from Illuminate My Event by emailing 

parasol 2

Photos by Love Made Visible.


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