The proposal story: Andrew & Steph

I don’t know about you, but I love a good proposal story. Andrew & Steph were kind enough to share their beautiful story with me!



Hi let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I recently got engaged to my beautiful fiancé Stephanie. This is our story…

So for this to make sense I need to take you back a year and a bit to when I first asked my bride-to-be to marry me. We had been getting to know each other off the grid for 2 or 3 months before we decided to start dating. On the 1st of September, I arrived at Steph’s house to ask her if she would go out with me. I brought with me flowers and in the flowers I hid a Kinder Joy. We then said good bye to her folks and went for a leisurely drive to Camps Bay for supper. Except there was a detour, we went via Chapman’s Peak, we found a nice spot to sit and watch the sunset and as the sun was setting I stood up and asked Steph if she would date me.

Fast forward a year and a bit and I had had to put in some overtime for work with one of our clients. I was fortunate enough to be paid out in gift vouchers for the work and cunningly knew that Steph’s birthday was coming up, and her and her friends like to celebrate birthday weekends. So I decided I would take her out for supper and propose to her, we settled on going to Blues in Camps Bay. Now being the fine young lady that she is and the fact that we had spoken about getting married and both of us really are amped for us and our future, I knew she would be looking and trying to guess when I was going to propose so I disguised the dinner as being a present from work to say thank you for her bearing with me through the late nights and stress. So I had her thinking it was just a birthday present to say thank you. I had also been telling her over the past 2 or 3 months that I didn’t have any money for a ring yet and we would only be getting engaged in December. So I could only hope that I had thrown up enough distractions to keep Steph guessing.

Me being more old school I have always believed in asking the father of my girlfriend for his blessing before I asked her to marry me. I believe it is important to ask for the fathers blessing because it shows that you respect him and his role in your girlfriend’s life. It was so awesome being able to sit down and share with Steph’s father my excitement and what I had planned and you guessed it, he said he was happy that we were going to get married and that he would give us his blessing which is great.


So now as you following the story I’m sure you have realized I have now set the stage as the venue is set, the day and evening is booked, permission from Steph’s father…. But I need to tell you about the ring. We went ring looking 2 or 3 months before and nothing we looked at was what Steph liked. She kept saying that she wanted something unique. Something that just represents her and who she is and that she will love to wear for the rest of her life. So she had been looking around Pinterest and she saw a love infinity ring that she really liked and that we hadn’t seen in any of the shops we looked at and a friend of ours mentioned that her father makes jewelry so we were fortunate enough to be able to get the ring custom made. We are really happy with the ring and I can say now sitting on the other side of engagement that it suits her and her character as well.


The day of our proposal arrived and I had a number of things to organize before we would arrive at the restaurant, but I’ll fill you in as our story continues. I asked Steph if I could pick her up early and brought with me a Kinder Joy, we hopped in the car and on our way and I said to Steph that I wanted to take the scenic route. So we took a detour up Chapman’s Peak. The wind was blowing a bit but we found a nice place to stop and watch the setting sun. After a while I brought up the topic of our past of dating and how much we have both grown. I then paused for a moment, looked out towards the setting sun and then got down on one knee and asked Stephanie if she would marry me. Steph became teary eyed. She didn’t answer me for a good 30 seconds. So I stood up and hugged her, asked of she was alright and asked her for an answer ha ha ha, she then said YES!!! We then placed the ring on her finger and we were both so excited. It didn’t seem real and took a good few days for our hearts to catch up and let it sink in that we were both engaged. YAY!!!

I said to Steph that I had packed a bit of a picnic for us with some of our favorite treats and we started to make some phone calls to our close friends and family to share the news. Its such an amazing feeling being engaged. I could write pages and pages about it but no words I write would give justice to the love and how it provides a little bit more security to our relationship. Once we had made some more phone calls we were both starting to get hungry so we hopped in the car and made our way to camps bay.

We arrived at Blues in Camps Bay and it is a beautiful restaurant with a view of the sea. We were seated at a window seat, were brought champagne on the house and on the table was a bunch of 12 red roses that I had organized on the morning. We had a fantastic meal and were given VIP service, which made the evening even more special. For desert we had choc brownies and ice cream which said “congratulations” round the side of the plate. Was such a special evening and one I will never forget. The restaurant comes highly recommended and the food was fantastic too. Couldn’t have been a more perfect evening.


Hi!! Steph here.. don’t I have an awesome fiancé? I just want to say that I LOVE reading our story from his perspective – if I had to tell the story, it would be focused on the little girly fairy tale touches like: the roses that were on the table when we got to the restaurant; the cute picnic Andy had hidden so well in his boot; the running around that he did all day to bring this wonderful day together; how he asked my dad a month before he proposed; how the ring is EXACTLY who I am and what we believe in (love infinity: Andrew and I sharing a lifetime of love together; and it also reminds me of the unconditional love that Christ has shown us on the cross); and not to leave out…. how I was secretly hoping that he would propose all along! Oh, and Andy looked so dashingly handsome that night 😉 I love that this man thinks about trying to make things sentimental (or maybe he’s just playing his cards right ). He asked me to be his wife at the same place that he asked me to be his girlfriend; up on the beautiful Chapman’s Peak. I could not have picked a better place to move into a completely new season of our lives.

As a woman, I love being engaged, and I love, as Andy has mentioned, the security that this season of life brings. I’m so looking forward to planning our future together. Excited!!!

Andy and Steph




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