Amazing wedding moments

Wedding entrances can be amazing. Some people like to keep things traditional for the wedding ceremony and then go all out for their entrance into the wedding reception. Others like to start their wedding off with something spectacular. Some like to kick off their celebrations with a killer first dance. Regardless of when and how you choose to do things, your wedding is a celebration of the start of your marriage and you are allowed to have some fun with it. So, in light of that, I have compiled clips of some of my favourite wedding moments for your enjoyment. In no particular order:

1. You could dance down the aisle with your bridal party to Chris Brown’s “Forever”: 

2. Introducing your bridal party using cheesy dance hits is always a winner:

3. As the Maid of Honour, you could always rap your speech:

4. A little “Men in Black” vs “Single ladies” dance off always goes down well:

5. Why not trick your guests into thinking you’ll have a slow romantic first dance and then surprise them with a Grease number:

6. Why should the groomsmen sit back and relax when they could dance down the aisle to “Bromance”: 

7. And whatever you do, try to avoid these awkward wedding moments:



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