Skylight – “Made for More”

Gauteng-based band Skylight have released their album “Made for More”. They very kindly offered up their time and answered my questions about the album, some awkward moments on stage and the reason they do what they do! These boys have put a lot of heart and soul into their music and the product is truly inspiring. Not only are they super talented but the message behind their music is one of encouragement.

Why don’t you stream their album while reading the interview 🙂



Questions about the album:

1. What is the inspiration behind your new album “Made for More” in terms of the lyrics and the general message of the album?

Greg: We’re all made for more than just getting through each day. We’re hoping “Made For More” will inspire people to look a little deeper. We’ve been honest about the ups and downs of our lives, but we tried to remain hopeful.

Wesley: These days people live such fast paced lives – barely making it from one day to the next. We want them to discover that they’re made for more than the daily grind…there’s so much more purpose to life!

Peter: We believe that people are “Made for more” than just getting through the day. We hope to inspire others to live with purpose and make a positive contribution in the world around them.

Brad: We believe people are made for more than just getting through everyday and ticking the days off. So the album is filled with a message of hope and love and real songs to inspire you to live the life you have been given.


2. Out of all the songs, which was the most fun to write and why?

Greg: Never Empty. It started off very different to how it sounds now. We tried many different ideas in the studio, and I love how it turned out.

Wesley: I enjoyed ‘Never Empty’ – it was one of the first songs I worked on after joining the band. I love the main riff and the little guitar parts. We re-wrote the chorus so many times before we found the one you hear on the album, and I’m really happy with how the song finally turned out – it’s always amazing to see how a song evolves from first draft to final product.

Peter: For me it was definitely “Give it Up”. Coming up the bass grooves was a lot of fun.

Brad: Give it up. The music came out of as session and the song is about giving up all the things that hold you down

3. You have now released the album, what has the response been like?

Greg: Great. People all over the world are loving it!

Wesley: The response has been really good. Our album launch was a great success, and reviews of the album are very positive.

Peter: We are receiving a lot of positive feedback on the album. Its great to hear that people are connecting with our music.

Brad: We’ve had a great response from our fans and the reviews. It’s so cool to see after all the hard work we’ve put in.

Questions about the band:

4. How long have you been performing together as a band?

Greg: About 4 years

Wesley: I joined the band in 2012.

Peter: We started as a three piece band back in 2009. Wes joined the in 2012.

Brad: We have been performing together for 3 going onto 4 years.

5. Do you have any plans to tour around South Africa to promote the album?

Greg: Oh we’re making plans

Wesley: We are very keen to tour the album nationally – obviously our fan-base is in Gauteng, but we want to take our message out there!

Peter: At the moment we don’t have any set plans to tour, but it is definitely on the cards. We will be playing as many live local shows as we can in the Gauteng area.

Brad: We would love to tour, just need to make plans as we all have full time jobs.


6. Who are the South African acts that inspire you?

Greg: The Graeme Watkins Project, Connell Cruise

Wesley: Zebra & Giraffe, St. Lucia, Gangs of Ballet, Shortstraw, are all doing really well locally, and they can really hold their own with awesome live performances.

Peter: There are some really talented SA bands at the moment. Gangs of Ballet and Graeme Watkins Project are some of favourites.

Brad: Graeme Watkins project, Zebra and Giraffe.


7. Have you had any awkward moments on stage?

Greg: Yes. I lost my cappo and asked the band to help me look for it. (I was so freaked out that I clearly lost all ability to be rational and cool. haha)

Wesley: I’m still waiting to break a string on stage…there was one acoustic gig where I basically had to stop playing for a whole song because my guitar wouldn’t stop feeding back – that was pretty awkward!

Peter: Yes…My jack came unplugged during a song at JhB Day which was a little blind.

Brad: We once had a guitar capo go missing… lol


8. How about any crazy fans?

Greg: I think we’re all a little crazy

Wesley: We have some legendary fans – I have rather big hair, and at least once every gig someone will shout out ‘Fro shake’ and I’ll shake my head…they just lose it! Haha!

Peter: Our fans so far have been great. Wouldn’t say we have met any crazy ones yet…

Brad: No crazy fans yet but we definitely have A LOT of loyal fans!


9. Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians in South Africa?

Greg: Build a strong team. Be as passionate as possible. Keep getting better at your craft. Be open to learning from whoever you can. Write amazing songs. Go go go and get out there! Perfection is a myth. Be friendly and kind.

Wesley: Being a full time musician can be a rough’s an industry that requires a lot of talent, drive and passion to achieve success. Do it for the love – the reward of being able to play music together for people is amazing, and I look forward to every gig.

Peter: There is no substitute for hard work. Practice your instrument as much as you can.
Brad: Hard work always pays off. Never take your eyes off the dream but make sure you are focused.


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