The Forecast: Beer Tasting Bachelor Party

We are Chantelle and Kelly, two friends who are passionate about the wedding industry. Chantelle is a hair stylist and make-up artist and Kelly is an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator and we have come together to network with other wedding vendors in an attempt to show off the latest wedding trends.


Our goal is to present a series of styled photo shoots to show off various style trends such as bridesmaid’s hair and make-up, wedding guest dresses, themed parties, etc. We have decided to do this by networking with different stylists and vendors for each photo shoot and to network with smaller businesses within the wedding industry as well as those who provide services and products which match up with our passions: making people look beautiful, feel relaxed and have a good time. Our styled photo shoots will show off various hair, make-up and style trends while bringing together the people who will help their clients achieve these trends. It is a wonderful opportunity for business owners to meet each other and to gain exposure by showing off their skills and products. 

DSC_1067 DSC_1086-1 DSC_1173 DSC_1236 DSC_1247 DSC_1383 DSC_1444

One of the exciting parts of the wedding is the celebration before the big day! In this case, we hosted a beer tasting bachelor party in the heart of Cape Town. We chose to keep the day as relaxing as possible, beginning at Beerhouse in Long Street. After sharing beers, taking a walk around Long Street, and even playing jembe drums at a market, the boys ended up in Woodstock at the beautiful Brewhoo Diner where they ended off the day with munchies and one last beer. 

Hair and make-up: Chantelle from Kiss and Tell

Co-ordination: Kelly from Illuminate My Event

Photography: Carla Likes Photos

Models: Glen, Graham and Ayden

Venues: Beer House and Brewhoo Diner

Shirts: Chivalry is dead

Shorts: Stay True

Sunglasses: Pink Coffee Boutique


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