#Lifetips roundup

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A little while ago I started gathering awesome things from around the internet so I decided to share them with the world in the form of #lifetips. The idea is to include anything from DIY crafts to food to wedding tips to general life hacks. There are no limits. You can follow these daily #lifetips on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

So, here is a roundup of the first batch of #lifetips:

Lifetip 1 Lifetip 2 Lifetip 3 Lifetip 4 Lifetip 5 Lifetip 6 Lifetip 7 Lifetip 8 Lifetip 9 Lifetip 10 Lifetip 11 Lifetip 12 Lifetip 13 Lifetip 14 Lifetip 15 Lifetip 16 Lifetip 17 Lifetip 18 Lifetip 19



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