Wedding Wednesdays: behind the scenes at the Pattenden wedding

Saturday 1 March was an incredibly special day for me because I got to co-ordinate the wedding of two wonderful friends, Kayla-Tess and Sean. The excitement began on Friday evening as we started to set up. When we walked in, the room looked fairly bland, but thanks to Kayla-Tess and her creativity, as well as the help of her family and bridal party, we created something magical.

photo 1

The colour scheme was neutral with a splash of yellow which perfectly captures the personalities of Sean and Kayla-Tess. Sean, being level-headed, calm and consistent and Kayla-Tess being outrageous and crazy at times.

image image_2 image_4 image_5 image_6

The ceremony itself was a beautiful display of love and adoration. As Kayla-Tess and Sean shared vows they had written for each other, as we listened to a beautiful song item during the signing of the registry, and of course, as we watched the lovely couple share their first kiss as husband and wife, spectators couldn’t hold the tears back.

The reception was a more intimate celebration with 80 special friends and family members from all over the world. Kayla-Tess and Sean put their own spin on things: The “last couple standing” dance off was a wonderful item that celebrated marriage (all the married couples got onto the dance floor and began to dance. The MC asked couples to leave if they had been married for one year or less, then two years or less, and so on. Eventually we were left with Kayla-Tess’s gran and grandpa who are the “last couple standing”); the father/daughter dance was a tear-jerking and incredibly special item; the photo booth was a lovely guest book alternative; and the introduction to the wedding hash tag gave Kayla-Tess and Sean the opportunity to see their wedding through the guests of their eyes.

image_1 image_7 image_8photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Behind the scenes, things got a little crazy at times. The wedding itself was held at Kayla-Tess and Sean’s church and not at a wedding venue. So, it was up to me, and the incredible helpers to pull everything together. This involved a lot of cleaning, preparing food and serving it, making sure the guests always had a drink in their hand, and a lot of running around to keep up with the schedule for the day.

Let me introduce you to the honourary best man, Aaron. He is the son of Kayla-Tess and Sean and he is absolutely gorgeous!

photo 2

Mr and Mrs Pattenden, you are a really special, beautiful couple. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding! I had an amazing time co-ordinating things behind the scenes πŸ™‚



Next week: on Wednesday 19 March I will be posting an interview I did with wedding DJ company, Atic. I asked questions like “why should I hire a DJ if I can just use my iPod?”. It’s a goodie! πŸ™‚



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