Wedding Wednesdays: the wedding DJ

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about budget weddings in which I said that a good way to save money is to put together a playlist of your own and not hire a DJ. This is pretty much one of the worst pieces of advice I have ever given and I would retract that statement in a heartbeat.

After planning a few more weddings and events I have seen that having a really talented DJ on your team means that there are a few less things to stress about. So, I met up with one of my favourite DJs to ask him a few questions about what he does and why it’s important to have a DJ at your wedding.

1. Why hire a DJ if I can use my iPod?

Well, a DJ comes along with more than just a playlist. You get an amazing sound system with bass and mid speakers included, wireless mics to make it easier for your bridal party to make a good speech, a smoke machine and a full lighting rig. Over and above that, you have the comfort of knowing that someone else will cue the music, and fade it out for speeches. During the dancing time, you want your guests to have a big party. The best way to do that is to hire a DJ that is able to see how well a song is doing. The right selection of music can be created to ensure that your guests have a wonderful time. You also don’t want guests walking up to your iPod to change a song that they don’t like. Having a DJ means ‘quality control’.

2. What does it cost to hire a wedding DJ from Atic and what does it include?

The starting price is R3000. This includes all sound equipment a smoke machine, lighting and a DJ to set up, pack up and operate the equipment.

3. What sort of things should a bride and groom ask if they want to know if a DJ will suit the style of their wedding?

The beauty of a DJ is that he/she can play whatever music the bride and groom would like. If a bride and groom can provide some music options, it will help me to create a playlist of music that fits with their style and theme. Of course, it always helps to have the important songs upfront, such as the first dance song, the song to be played when the bride walks down the aisle and anything else that should be played at a specific time. A bride and groom should also make a point of asking for contactable references. That is the best way to see how good a DJ really is. 

For more info about Atic, take a look at their website.


Next week:

I had a chat with a hair and make-up professional about what you need to keep in mind when preparing for your wedding! If you want to look and feel your best, you want to read these tips! 🙂


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