Wedding Wednesday: hair and make-up

When it comes to weddings, brides are allowed to get a little bit spoilt, particularly when it comes to the beauty side of things. I had a little chat with Chantelle from Kiss & Tell Hair Design about all things bridal and all things pretty.



1. What does your package include and what does it cost?

I like to tailor make packages to suit the bride. It depends on what they need. Hair, make up, manis, pedis? Everyone has different requirements. Generally speaking though, R2000 for hair and make up including a trial for the bride, and R550 per bridesmaid/mother of the bride/other which includes hair and make up but no trial.

2. If a bride wants to know if you are the best stylist for her and her style, what sort of questions should she ask you?

Any bride should be able to ask any question. There are no right or wrong questions as every wedding is very different. If your stylist doesn’t have time for your questions – no matter how silly she thinks they are – then she won’t have time to make you feel like a Princess on your big day. I have literally heard them all!

3. Why should a bride hire a hair and make-up artist if it’s cheaper to do a Pinterest-inspired DIY job?

Some girls are multi taskers. They can host a function with 100+ guests, deal with awol flower girls, drunk grooms men, chefs having tantrums, last minute dietary requirements, wrong chairs being delivered… All while doing their own hair and make up. Decide what feels right for you. I know I think I deserve the minimal fuss that comes with being spoilt rotten. But this is about you. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything that makes you uncomfortable. Its your day. Do it your way.

DSC_0994 DSC_0999

Chantelle and I have worked together on a series of wedding-inspired photo shoots. So far we have released photos for a styled engagement shoot and a styled beer-tasting bachelor party. You can see those photos and some of Chantelle’s work by clicking here.

Next week:

2013.11.19 KT - Touch of Madness - 10

The photo above shows off Chantelle’s hair and make-up skills as well as the photographic skills of Brent and Nicola, from Knit Together. I had a chat with them about wedding photography and they gave me their best advice.



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