Wedding Wednesdays: wedding photography [Knit Together]

This is Brent and Nicola from Knit Together. Not only are they a super gorgeous couple, but they are also two of the most talented photographers I know. I have had the pleasure of working alongside them at Kayla-Tess and Sean’s wedding and at a styled engagement shoot for The Forecast. In light of the Wedding Wednesday theme, I asked them a few questions about wedding photography, what you should pay for a good photographer and why it’s important to hire a professional and not hedge your bets on your friends’ Instagram photos.


Photo by Charl Neethling. 


1. What should couples expect to pay if they hire Knit Together to capture their wedding? What do your packages include?

Our package prices range from R10 000 to R14 000, with the main differences being the amount of time that we shoot on the day. Our main package also includes a 1-2 hour engagement shoot before the wedding (valued at R1500).

2. What sort of questions should a bride and groom ask their photographer in order to find out if their styles and ideas match?

It’s really important for you to already like what you see in the photographer’s previous work. Each person has a specific style and feel in their photography, and it will be evident in their recent work. It is really, really hard for a photographer to try and shoot in the style of someone else’s work that you like.

Another thing we feel is super important, is for the couple and the photographer(s) to click. We usually meet up with prospective couples over a cup of coffee, to talk in person about our services, and to also get a feel of each other as people. Chances are if you like the photographer’s previous work, and like them as people, not only will you be happy with the photos of your special day, but both of you will feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are shooting you – which makes for better photos 🙂

3. How would you describe your photography style?

Most people will probably call it documentary-style. We like to capture things as they happen, our photos weaving a story of the day, detail shots becoming adjectives in the wedding-day narrative. We do guide people through some poses during the couple shoot, but only to frame the chemistry between the couple, which blesses us with the best photos of all.

4. These days everyone has an iPhone and access to photo editing programs. Why should a couple invest money in hiring a professional photographer for their wedding?

Logistically, having someone dedicated to doing the photos at your wedding is important. They will know that they have to capture every key moment, and not just randomly snapping photos at will. Aesthetically (and I guess that this point comes down to the preference of the couple), a professional photographer is going to have a much better eye for things like composition, knowing where the best light is, which lens is going to create a nicer effect for the moment, what settings the camera should be on to capture that kiss… not to mention how valuable experience is in knowing what it takes to capture the full story of the day.
In terms of post production, this is an integral part of the style of photographers. Having the software and knowing how to use it are two different things.

We could say a lot more on this point, but ultimately, it’s about the quality. If you want good photos of all the important (and perhaps not so important, but beautiful) moments, then a hiring a professional photographer is worth it. Remember, the photographs are often the only things you have to remember your wedding by, and the difference between a few phone photos with filters and hashtags and high-res, well thought out photos that someone has put not only hours of shooting into, but many, many hours of editing is HUGE. This can also be said for the difference between a professional photographer’s photographs and Uncle Bob who likes to do some wildlife photography once a year. We believe that investing in a good photographer is something you will never regret.

Tami and Ghiome1504173_763155457046748_1555170115_o 1658153_784435298252097_2026553494_o styled 4

Next week:

It’s competition time! On Wednesday 9 April, I will be posting some information about how you could win a free photo shoot of your choice with Crazy Little Thing.




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