#Lifetips roundup 2

A little while ago I started gathering awesome things from around the internet so I decided to share them with the world in the form of #lifetips. The idea is to include anything from DIY crafts to food to wedding tips to general life hacks. There are no limits. You can follow these daily #lifetips on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. To see the first 19 #lifetips, click here. photo (5)  Lifetip 20 Lifetip 21 Lifetip 22 Lifetip 23 Lifetip 24 Lifetip 25 Lifetip 26 Lifetip 27 Lifetip 28 Lifetip 29 Lifetip 30 Lifetip 31 Lifetip 32 Lifetip 33 Lifetip 34 Lifetip 35 Lifetip 36 Lifetip 37 Lifetip 38 Lifetip 39


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