Wedding Wednesdays: how to pick your wedding colours

Let’s face it, most little girls don’t grow up dreaming about wedding admin. We dream about choosing the perfect venue, trying on wedding dresses, and picking the colours that will make our day that much more magical. Generally brides and grooms pick one colour, sometimes two, that will be worn by the bridesmaids and will feature in the flowers and decor throughout the celebrations. Recently, a new trend has come about in which brides and grooms have become more adventurous in their colour pairings. Grey and peach, yellow and teal, pink and gold – these quirky colour combinations are giving couples the freedom to explore their creativity.

So, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when picking your wedding colours:

1. Start with colours you like. If you have always loved green, that is a great place to start. You will feel more creative and inspired if you are working with colours you like.

2. Think about your wedding venue. Some reception venues come with carpets or drapes that already have elements of colour included. If your venue has hints of red, but you are wanting to have a green wedding, you may want to reconsider (unless of course, you are being bold and going for a green and red combo).

3. Be inspired by your favourite flowers. If you love sunflowers, why not incorporate yellow into your colour scheme? It is also helpful to keep in mind the flowers that are in season around the time of your wedding.

4. Keep the season in mind. You may want to use shades of red and orange if you are planning on getting married in Autumn. The beauty of the landscape around you is a great source of inspiration.

5. Think about the bridesmaids. Since your lovely ladies will be wearing your colour of choice, pick something that will suit each of them.

Find inspiration with these beautiful colour palettes, courtesy of The Perfect Palette.

colour palette 1 colour palette 2 colour palette 3 colour palette 4 colour palette 5 colour palette 6 colour palette 7 colour palette 8 colour palette 9 colour palette 10 colour palette 11 colour palette 12 colour palette 13 colour palette 14 colour palette 15 colour palette 16 colour palette 17 colour palette 18


Next week:

We’ll get some expert make-up and beauty tips from Erin Ismay!



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