Wedding Wednesday: make-up!

Your wedding day is the one day that you get to outshine everyone else in the room and look more gorgeous than all your friends. Part of looking beautiful is having your make-up done! So I chatted to Erin Ismay about her make-up packages, beauty tips and why it’s a good idea for brides to hire a professional make-up artist. I have also got some photos of Erin’s beautiful make-up work, so if you don’t believe me when I say she is incredible, you will when you see the photographic evidence.


Photo by Kim Du Toit

1. What is your favourite thing about making brides look beautiful?

For me make-up has this fascinating quality of enhancement, which when applied correctly and cleverly can really bring out amazing beauty in people. The artist in me loves seeing how colour and technique can make a bride come alive and gain confidence for her big day when everyone will have their eyes on her.

2. What is the price of your packages and what do they include?

My current prices are R650 for the bride’s makeup which includes a free no-obligation trial ie you can have the trial and then decide yes or no before making a commitment to book my services. R250 per person in bridal party ie Bridesmaids/moms. This is on the day and does not include a trial. Travel fees also apply if your wedding/trial is situated outside of the Southern Suburbs and are quoted separately.

3. Do you have any beauty tips for things brides can do in the week before their wedding to make sure they have glowing skin?

Try to remain calm, stay out of the sun, keep your skin moisturised!

4. These days every woman has a make-up kit – why should brides hire a professional make-up artist instead of doing it themselves?

Having a makeup kit does not necessarily mean you have professional quality makeup that a makeup artist would use. Makeup that you buy from Clicks/Dischem is great for everyday wear but doesn’t always contain a high content of pigment in it that will show up well under flash photography. A makeup artist is also trained in application techniques using tools that most women would not use every day. Therefore a wedding is a perfect occasion to get a professional to help you look your best for your guests and your photographs and pamper you a bit.

You can find out more about Erin and and you can see more photos of her beautiful work by looking at her Facebook page.

265091_193863210759752_752091546_n 481376_221127308033342_1125004101_n 485501_261165090696230_518552837_n 535639_200609016751838_146426460_n 1016577_417309155081822_1049381076_n 1378846_344324359046969_1934834504_n 1926724_417309005081837_142304422_n

Next week:

Something for the boys! We’re taking a look at men’s suits!



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