Wedding Wednesdays: something for the boys!

We all know how it is… when it comes to weddings women generally get all the attention. We pick our wedding colours, we have the final say on the cake, the Pinterest inspired decor is usually chosen (and made) by us, and of course, there’s the dress! But what about the guys? Although there are plenty of men who are more than happy to assist (or even spearhead) some of the aforementioned ideas, there are very few areas in which the man’s decision is the one that counts. [And that’s not to say that I, as a woman, agree with that. I think it’s absolutely amazing when grooms get involved, and why not! The wedding day is theirs as well.]

However… no matter what, the groom should always be able to look his best and outshine every man in the room (the same way that brides will always outshine every other women in the room). This is where the suit comes in. It doesn’t matter what season you get married in, you need to look awesome.

I had a chat with Jason from Bonobos about the newly released Foundation Suit Collection for men. These Spring suits are now available in a wide range of premium fabrics – from cotton to linen and twill to the classic seersucker – and two impeccably crafted fits. To make their best cotton linen suit yet, they have sourced their fabric directly from the Irish mill of Baird McNutt, makers of fine linen since 1912. It is perfect if you are looking to wear a suit in the warmer months.

They also offer their clients “groomservice” wedding appointments with the idea of helping men find the perfect attire for their wedding.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, here are some of these amazing Spring suits for men, courtesy of Bonobos:

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If you like what you see, take a look at the Bonobos website and Pinterest board.

Next week:

Be inspired by some very helpful wedding tips from a real life bride, Amy Weimann. 



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