Wedding Wednesdays: tips from a real bride

It’s Wedding Wednesday and today I’ve got gorgeous bride, Amy Weimann on the blog. She took some time to chat about her wedding, what inspired her, how involved her fiance and family were and she even gave us a few tips. Isn’t she lovely?



1. How did your fiance propose to you?

Dyl planned the proposal around the time of my birthday. Tanya (Dyl’s sister) had asked me about a week before if she could book me for the Saturday morning because she wanted to take me out for a “girls breakfast” to celebrate my birthday. On the morning, we drove to Steenberg Golf Estate for our planned breakfast. About 20 metres in I started noticing all these pink and purple helium balloons attached to little chalk boards with arrows directing us to a small cottage on a hill. For a few minutes, I honestly thought Tanya had pulled one of her usual stunts and gone out of her way to throw me a surprise birthday bash with some of my girl friends… but then I spotted Dyl’s car behind a bush (it’s not every day you see a blue Ford Fiesta trying to look inconspicuous…and anyway he was meant to be at golf with friends). Long story short, I had to follow a whole lot of helium balloons and chalk boards down into a massive rose garden where a sign suggested that I better sit on the bench. Dyl came out from some obscure place with his guitar, and serenaded me with an inspired new version of Gavin DeGraw’s song, “Follow Through”. He then got down on one knee…and I said yes!


2. What was your favourite thing about the planning process?

My secret Pinterest Board! Most ladies will admit that they have kept a secret wedding Pinterest Board once in their lifetime. It was so exciting knowing that I could finally use all those cute and creative ideas for real!


3. And your least favourite thing?

Looking for bridesmaid dresses. Honestly, we pretty much visited every shop in Cape Town looking for lavender coloured dresses…we eventually gave up and got them made!


4. Describe your wedding:

Our theme was a rustic, summer’s garden wedding. We wanted the wedding to reflect our personalities and taste as much as possible so we decided to do a relaxed afternoon lunch accompanied by a background of jazz music and some afternoon grass games. We chose lavender as our signature flower and based the colour scheme around this by using a variety of greys, blues and lavender. Although we did hire wedding co-ordinators, we got to make quite a bit of the decorations ourselves and borrow from others when we needed it. Some of the decor included a backdrop of vintage paper hearts on string, purple bunting, and a little stash of bright coloured candy on the tables.

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5. What inspired your wedding theme, decor and colours?

I have always loved the idea of a rustic garden wedding. The lavender was incorporated into the theme because it has the most amazing colouring and scent, and the decor was specifically chosen to create a really fun and relaxed atmosphere.


6. How involved was your fiance in the planning process?

Dyl was amazing and so supportive. He did most of the logistics like organising the transport for the bridal party and family, organising the legal stuff, working out the timeframe of events, and following up with all the bookings of venues and equipment (not to mention, planning the entire Honeymoon!).


7. And your family and bridal party?

Both our families were behind us from the start and were asking for task lists so often that we could barely keep up with them! The bridal party did an amazing job at organising the Kitchen Tea, Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties, and were always willing to do the jobs that no-one else wanted to do, like baking 100 cookies, making strings of paper hearts, sanding down wood for centre pieces, cutting paper for days, etc.


8. If you had to redo your wedding, would you change anything?

Nope, nothing. Our wedding day was so special for us that even if something wasn’t 100% right, it really didn’t matter because we were getting hitched!


9. What was your most memorable moment at your wedding?

I could give you an answer that most people would expect (i.e., the walk down the aisle) but to be honest, the whole day was so special that it feels weird to try single out one moment. But I can say that it is an overwhelming feeling to walk into a room and recognise every single person’s face as someone who you know, appreciate and love. You see people who represent a different part of your life from high school friends, to university friends, to family members – all these people are here to show their complete love and support. And as if that isn’t enough, you have Mr Right looking oh-so-dapper at the end of the aisle waiting for you (looks like I did give the answer most people would expect).


10. Any advice for brides planning a wedding?

Practically, I would advise that you try on as many wedding dresses as possible and find the one that feels the most comfortable for you. Don’t stress about what others will think of your dress. Secondly, realise that it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. Your wedding day should be special and sentimental for the both of you. Not the both of you and your aunt’s dog. Lastly, don’t stress about the small things and laugh when things go wrong because – at the end of the day – the only thing that matters is that you are marrying your man.



Wedding date: 14 December 2013

Photographer: Kim du Toit Photography

Make-up artist: Erin Ismay

Hair stylist: Synergy Hair

Dress designer/shop (bride): Bride & Co.

Dress designer/shop (bridesmaids): Chris Gerber from CG Couture

Venue: Meadowridge Baptist Church; Little Vines, Constantia

Co-ordinator: Bright Ideas Events

Entertainment: Tim Taylor, Mike Senogles & Kenric Potter



Next week:

Want to know what’s awesome about marriage? I’ve interviewed a few married couples to see what they think!



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