The Pink Day

Two weekends ago, we hosted a PINK Cat-A-List event for a group of lovely ladies. My mom is the brains behind Cat-A-List events so the whole aim of gathering ladies is to create events that inspire change (catalyst) and are high profile (A-list). Her name is also Cathi, so the name really is genius. As her official co-ordinator I got to think of fun ways to incorporate PINK into the festivities which was a lot of fun.

This is me enjoying the photo booth way too much:

10256219_683431791717292_1771436252724138337_nWe had some delicious food brought to us by The Rolling Pin, beautiful music by Jennifer Eaves and all the photos were taken by Gloss Photography.

If you like the sound of Cat-A-List events and you are a woman living in Cape Town, you are invited to attend our next one! The theme is “You can be a Superwoman” and you will find all the event details on Facebook.


Here are a few snaps of guests making use of the photo booth:

983656_686737174720087_5599511396547361196_n 1010376_684434091617062_6356706676050048115_n 1557549_686748128052325_6339202301859642579_n 1610034_681730358554102_4612934231362180533_n 10173720_683432481717223_8067627812149097541_n 10247463_683431705050634_6599158873634424085_n 10258255_687210304672774_8270765642448674313_n 10259761_686747848052353_1234278846971161319_n 10264489_683432378383900_3217121850839446619_n 10270543_684434531617018_5483475142583443188_n 10274064_683430575050747_286045293576104570_n 10299081_683430195050785_5524876574793700748_n 10320374_683430565050748_4652063391585579111_n 10334416_687210484672756_4585136513032680749_n 10336752_684434521617019_3051569258565516629_n 10342918_687210558006082_2609043553526517850_n 10352601_684434524950352_616881983200258701_n



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