Wedding Wednesday: What is your favourite thing about marriage?

Today’s Wedding Wednesday post is inspired by the realisation that although planning a wedding has a lot to do with an exciting family and friends event, it has everything to do with the beginning of an even more exciting journey: marriage. So, in light of that, I have asked some lovely married couples to tell me about their favourite thing about marriage. I hope this inspires you and reminds you that marriage is awesome!


Garth and Lauren

Garth and Lauren


My favourite thing about marriage is my wife!”



My favourite thing about marriage is having someone who is your “safe place” – someone who knows everything about you and still loves you, someone to go on adventures with, someone who supports you in following your dreams, someone who encourages you, and who is your biggest fan. I still love my independence, and I think Garth does too, but there is something really great about sharing your whole life with your best friend – highs, lows and everything in between. Marriage is awesome!”

Kirsty and Dale

Kirsty and Dale

We love the thought of knowing there is someone to come home to after a long day at work, to rant to, celebrate with or just chill. To have someone to sing loudly with on long road trips regardless of how out of tune you sound. Having someone with whom silence is never awkward. Someone to nurse you through sickness, be it the grossest tummy bug or making you med-lemon to survive your man flu. Having someone to share a burden with, it can halve the weight on your shoulders. Having some to pray with. Never having to leave them at the end of the night.”



Stephen and Lauren

Stephen and Lauren


Always having the person I love the most in the world around all the time. We begin and end the day together. We share everything; our successes and failures, everything we do is together. It is no longer about life as an individual, it’s about US together.”



For me, when I am having the worst day I look forward to seeing Steve when I get home. He is my sense of comfort and love. Home is when we are together.”


Welmie and Aubrey

Welmie and Aubrey


Always coming home to Aubrey is the best.”


Living with your best friend is a win win situation.”


Richie and Calli

Calli and Richie

Sharing life with your favourite person… and let’s not forget the sex! ;)”


Marc and Leanne

Marc and Leanne


My favourite thing about marriage is knowing that I will never be on my own team anymore. I will always have a support and cheerleader.”


The best thing for me is never having to say goodbye at night and having to wait to see them again the next day. Having your best friend by your side helping and supporting you through life challenges is such a blessing. Knowing that they are there when you need them helps and encourages you to be a better person so you can be there for your spouse as well.”

Angus and Cath

Angus and Cath

We’ve found one of the most amazing things about being married is probably an understated one. It’s something that seems so obvious, and yet it’s made a profound difference in our lives between dating and being married. And that is not having to go to separate homes at the end of the day. Simple but true (we didn’t move in together before getting married, so we still had to plan when we would see each other up until the day we said ‘I do’) We now wake up together, go out together, go to bed together, cook, sleep, plan adventures together or just chill at home together. Being married means we get to do life together in every way. Doing life together like this-as a married couple-is awesome because our marriage gives us the security of knowing we’re going to continue doing life together for the rest of our days, no matter what comes our way. Never having to say goodbye, instead, saying goodnight until the next morning.”

So, what is YOUR favourite thing about marriage? Leave a message of encouragement to future brides and grooms in the comments section.

 Ruby's bakery 2

Next week:

I chatted to Charlene from Ruby’s bakery (Pretoria) about her beautiful wedding cakes! As someone who got married recently, she also gave us some really great wedding tips!


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