Wedding Wednesdays: One on one with Miss Ruby’s Bakery


One of my favourite things to see – and eat – is creative wedding cakes and desserts. If Pinterest is anything to go by, people are having fun experimenting with colourful cupcakes, quirky cake toppers, dessert bars instead of cake, and the list goes on. So, I decided to chat to someone who is inspired by these creative cakes! Let me introduce to you the creative genius, Charlene Saker, from Miss Ruby’s Bakery.


1. Tell us a little bit about where Miss Ruby’s Bakery is based and what sort of services you provide.


Miss Ruby’s Bakery is based in Pretoria East, Gauteng. I work from my kitchen at home and work on a order to order basis.

I supply brides with personalised cakes, cupcakes and treats for their dessert tables. I’ve also started working on supplying baked wedding favours for weddings – for example, a beautifully packaged cookie with a designed thank you card (which is another service I provide). I also supply cakes and treats for all events ranging from kids birthday parties to bridal showers.

A lot of my focus is also on corporate services such as promotional baked treats, gifts for staff and clients as well as catering for teas. My website has a list of the products I supply.


2. What is one of the most fun projects you have worked on?


That is a difficult question!! In general I must say I enjoy doing kids birthday cakes the most – probably because they are so easy to please! 🙂 But I love projects like the one below where I get to play with colours and be very creative.

Ruby's bakery 1

A cake I did more recently was also a lot of fun as I got to make the roses myself and they came out great which was super rewarding!

Ruby's bakery 2

3. Where do you find your inspiration to create beautiful treats?


I suppose my inspiration comes from the fact that I absolutely love food and I love seeing people enjoy good food. That inspires me to sharpen my skill and try out new things.

I’m also a creative person so I enjoy decorating cakes and I’m so inspired by other great decorators’ work, and trying to find ways to make it look better and more “up to standard.”


4. Some brides want to do everything themselves, including baking their own cake! In your professional opinion, what are the benefits of hiring a professional to do that sort of thing?


Well, as a person who was a bride who bakes, I can most definitely say it’s just not worth it. I was actually surprised at how many people thought I would have made my own cake! Those who have seen me after I’ve baked for an entire day know it’s not a pretty sight!

It is very stressful and you always end up having more to do than you expected the few days before your wedding. Rather take that additional stress off and enjoy the time with your family before the big day!

There are a lot of reasonable bakers that won’t charge you an arm and a leg, and if your budget is REALLY right, rather get a friend or family member who is passionate about baking to make you something and you pay for ingredients. You can even practice together a few months before the wedding 🙂

390035_276915595691899_1266603943_n 994879_579823552067767_275078899_n 1063744_565745846808871_1454922750_o 1376472_620096034707185_462610892_n 1382384_620096008040521_1889989098_n 1385061_620095664707222_592944284_n Ruby's bakery 3

Next week:

We’re taking a look at fun songs to walk down the aisle to! 🙂 



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