Wedding Wednesday: The Sax Player

Have you ever considered having a saxophonist serenade you as you walk down the aisle? Let me introduce to you Gary Sletcher, who may just change your mind!



Tell us a little bit about who you are and what your role is in the wedding industry. 

My name is Gary Sletcher, I’ve been playing saxophone and guitar for about 20 years, I found a niche in the wedding industry when I suggested to a bride that I lead her down the aisle instead of setting up in front or playing from the back of the church. The bride thought it was a great idea and it worked out very well, I also suggested having a fun photo with the bride and groom where the bride leans on my shoulder while I play and the groom looks jealous in the background. It was a hit with all the brides and I have been doing that ever since.

Have you had any particularly interesting or memorable moments when performing at a wedding?
The only memorable thing I can think of off hand is when I backed up into a swimming pool while playing Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, No doubt I was hugely embarrassed but everybody laughed and it broke the ice (literally because it was in the middle of winter).
But the most memorable weddings are the intimate ones where two people are in love and want to spent their lives together for ever. The most unmemorable ones are the ones where it is all a show for the guests.
How would you describe your style of music?
My style of music varies from romantic to raunchy, when I’m with my band I’m Gary The “Lips”, but at a wedding I’m Gary The “Smooth”. I would like to think that my music has a calming effect in a wedding ceremony, during the drinks it is quirky and a little naughty and during the dinner it is pure class. (when I’m not backing up into the swimming pool of course)
But when people see the sax they think Jazz and Swing, this is a misconception.  Although I can play in those styles, the sax is a very versatile instrument, I play dance, reggae, trance, pop, rock and blues. I love them all and the sax sounds great in all styles of music.
If a bride would like to have a saxophonist at her wedding, why would it be better to have live music as opposed to a CD?
Live is always better, the right musician will bring his/her personality to the wedding, live music is not only auditory but visual as well, nothing beats a live sexy sax player and if its classical music a bride wants then there is nothing like a bit of sax and violins 🙂
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