Wedding Wednesday: Bridal wear by Honne (Hon)


Honne (Hon) means: The Self You Reveal To Your Closest Love. There is a raw honesty to marriage that is very revealing. It terrifying and so beautiful all at once. You chose to tie your lives together and be one. Honne wants to be the brand that makes those memories come to life.


This is Daniella Du Plessis, the owner and head designer at Honne. I had a chat with her about her unique bridal range:

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what inspired you to create Honne.

Hmmm… what’s there to say about me. My name’s Daniella, I am a lover of pugs, tea and design. I was inspired to create Honne (Hon) because I love simplicity and felt there was a gap in the market for modern, simple bridal wear that it still beautiful and feminine.


2. What sets Honne apart from the classic bridal attire?

Honne Dresses differs from classic bridal wear in its simplicity and no fuss attitude. The fabrics speak for themselves.

3. Tell us a little bit about the price range, fabric options and where people can find the dresses.

Bridesmaids dresses start at R1700 and Bridal Gowns R7000. The fabrics are mostly natural silks and hand stitched lace. We sell mainly online. You can order from my website: or organise to meet with me at my studio in Sandton


4. Do you have any plans to bring out new bridal wear ranges in the future?

I’m hoping to bring out a new range by September if all goes according to plan.

download Honne (edit)-00052-QS3A2050-Edit Honne 1 Honne Look #2 Honne Look #3 Honne Look #4 Honne Look #5


So what do you think of these gorgeous dresses? I am a huge fan of the concept and I love that Daniella is thinking outside the box and changing the way we view bridal wear. Go and have a look at her website to see more photos and a behind the scenes video by Gareth Pon.



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