#Lifetips In Another Format!

I’ve had a lot of fun creating Lifetips, but I’ve decided to narrow things down a little bit by having a theme for each day of the week, starting on Monday next week!


Pinterest Mondays are all about gathering clever, creative and pretty things from Pinterest.
Every Tuesday I’ll have a Wedding Dress of the Week which will either be something unique from a local brand or a beautiful celebrity wedding dress.
Wedding Wednesday is about anything to do with weddings – service providers, real life brides, wedding tips, you name it! 

Thursdays are going to get colourful. Each month there will be a new colour or colour combo and every Thursday there will be some DIY tips, clothes, decor or pretty things in that colour. Think beyond the seven colours of the rainbow. 

Don’t be fooled by Foodie Friday. This won’t be Instagram shots of what I eat, but rather easy recipes, food inspirations and local food hangouts to try out!

I am looking forward to this! If you have any creative tips, suggestions or things you would like to see, please throw them my way: illuminatemyevent@gmail.com 


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  1. I absolutely love this idea

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