Six Ways To Beat Wedding Admin Stress

You’re engaged! Now all the fun things begin. You can finally make use of your secret wedding board on Pinterest, bring out that stash of wedding magazines and begin planning your dream day! Unfortunately for a lot of brides, this is where the excitement about wedding planning ends. Things can very quickly become stressful and overwhelming as your pile of receipts grows and your inspiration diminishes. Before you know it, you won’t be taking lunch breaks to relax but rather to catch up on wedding admin.

For some, these types of things come naturally, but for others, staying organized can require a little bit more effort. As a wedding co-ordinator and a big fan of staying organized, I have found a few things that brides can do to stay on top of their admin and prevent it from taking over their lives.

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1. Use A Check List

I am a list person. I would feel anxious all day if I didn’t have my trusty “to do” list by my side. The feeling of ticking something off said list is almost unbeatable. The same goes for weddings. As a bride, you will have hundreds of things to think about, so the best way to keep track of everything is to have a check list of everything that your wedding requires as well as a time line of when it all needs to be done.

You may find an extensive checklist to be incredibly helpful because it allows you to simply tick things off your list as you accomplish tasks. This way, you don’t have to worry that you may have forgotten to do something.

You can receive your own free 12 month wedding checklist by clicking on this link:

2. Keep Folders For All Invoices And Receipts

You may choose to use folders on your computer or bring out your colourful files and store them at home. Whichever option works best for you, use that to store your quotes, invoices, receipts and any other written confirmation, including emails with service providers. With all the information you need to know, you are likely to forget a lot of things. The best way to find information quickly is to arrange it into categories, for example, anything to do with your wedding venue can be kept in the “Venue” section of your folder. Within that, you could have subcategories, for example “Menu”, “Drinks”, “Decor” and use that to store any correspondence relating to those categories. The easiest way to utilize your folders is to store important information as you receive it.

3. Use A Spreadsheet For Your RSVPs

As soon as you begin creating your wedding guest list, create a spreadsheet that you can use to keep your RSVPs under control from the get-go. This is a great way to keep track of dietary requirements, plus ones, or any other information you may have requested from your guests. Keep your spreadsheet as a reference point when putting together your seating chart.

4. Delegate Responsibilities

At the beginning of your engagement you will probably feel like you can accomplish anything. You will probably have so many ideas that you imagine getting involved in, but at the end of the day, there is only so much that one person can do. You may want to make all your wedding favours by hand, but if you are having a fairly large wedding, you will need reinforcements. Most bridesmaids and groomsmen are happy to help in this area, so delegate responsibilities to them. Give each person a checklist of the things you would like them to be involved in, for example, assisting with making decor, fetching your Gran from the airport, returning your chairs after the wedding. Before you know it, your list of things to do will be a lot smaller and you will begin to feel relaxed and a lot more excited about planning.

5. Keep Photos Of Creative Ideas

You may have a secret Pinterest wedding board that you use as a reference or you may use your favourite wedding magazines. Whichever suits your planning style, use that to keep track of creative ideas. The last thing you want is to forget what your potentially perfect wedding hairstyle looks like, so rather keep a photo of that and show it to your hair stylist.

6. Keep One Day Per Week As Your Wedding Planning Day

It is very easy to allow wedding planning to take over your life. While planning, it is important to remember that although you are planning an event, you are also planning to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Don’t allow admin to get in the way of bonding with your partner during your engagement season. My suggestion is to have one day each week that is specifically for wedding planning. For example, you may pick Monday nights. That is when you can sit down and chat to your fiancé about any quotes you have received, any new ideas you have had or anything you would like to accomplish in the following week. Of course, as the wedding date draws nearer, you will need to spend more time gathering information, finishing off DIY projects, and keeping up with admin on an almost daily basis. If your fiancé is less excited about planning the wedding than you are, he/she will feel more comfortable talking about the wedding if there is a designated wedding day than if you were phoning each other every thirty minutes with the latest wedding hiccup.

There you have it, six helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding. I would love to hear some of your wedding planning experiences and different ways in which you have kept up with your wedding admin. Please leave your tips in the comments section below and follow my blog for more.

Kelly Jane Mole

Kelly is an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator and event planner with a passion for seeing people come together and celebrate the good things in life!


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