Ash and Emily got married

I had the privilege of co-ordinating Ash and Emily’s wedding which took place on a lovely farm in Somerset West. It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day and the atmosphere was exactly what the bride and groom wanted: relaxed! Guests sat on hay bales and got to enjoy the Polaroid camera, the s’mores bar and spontaneous jam session! These photos were taken by Deon van Zyl.

16082_10204791550528519_4054252683645872942_n 16082_10204791615490143_6794154008444502966_n 983765_10204791642490818_3557846891370056115_n 1609918_10204791575369140_1626761064907104749_n 1972256_10204791550808526_3150163080791708066_n 10407278_10204791586489418_986870957733253337_n 10468067_10204791560688773_6680215379927755039_n 10556215_10204791607449942_951401036223045794_n 10592808_10204791622170310_2772772256298183873_n 10620723_10204791662211311_7923944406152184698_n 10628228_10204791576329164_1852235050116194276_n 10636045_10204791562128809_4637572545958131345_n 10639717_10204791588929479_1990716735849152382_n 10641242_10204791605969905_4246786620669935551_n


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