How To Put Together A Wedding Budget

The number one thing that stresses out brides and grooms is the amount of money they have to spend on their wedding. And rightly so! Weddings can be very expensive. Most wedding magazines will have suggestions of where you should be spending your money (a large percentage goes towards your venue and food, a smaller percentage goes to entertainment, etc). My advice is a little different. These days, weddings are taking on a new format and a lot of brides are opting for alternative venues. Because of this, there is no set way of creating a wedding budget.

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My number one wedding budget tip: Allocate money to the areas you value the most

Once you have an idea of how much money you have to spend on your wedding, make a list of your priorities. You may value entertainment and food more than wedding favours. Or you may want to have an intimate garden reception where you save money on your venue so you can spend more money on your wedding dress. There is no right or wrong choice when making that decision.

Now that you have decided on your priorities, here are a few suggestions of areas in which you can save money and areas in which you should indulge if you can:

The venue

If your goal is to have a beautiful wedding on a wine farm, then indulge! If you are inspired by Pinterest, you may want to think about saving money and having a garden wedding.

The entertainment

Music is the backdrop to your wedding, whether you are conscious of it or not. This is an area in which many couples try to save money and it doesn’t always work. It is one thing to create your own playlist for your background music and dancing, but the quality of your sound system may not do it any justice. Rather indulge a little and hire a DJ with a large repertoire and a good quality sound system that will get your guests moving on the dance floor.

The attire

When it comes to the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, always indulge. These are the outfits that will be most photographed and looked at throughout the day. You can save money by asking your bridal party to pay for their own outfits. Give your bridesmaids a colour scheme and ask them to buy dresses that match their budget and your wedding.


This is one of the major aspects of a wedding that simply has to be amazing. Hiring an amazing photographer that fits in with your style and takes good quality photos is incredibly important. Being able to look back on your beautiful wedding photos and share them on social media sites is something you will be doing for the rest of your lives.

Wedding planner

Generally, having a wedding planner is a luxury that most couples can’t afford. Why not save money by hiring an on-the-day co-ordinator? This way, you can do all the planning, while getting great advice from a professional who will come in and bring all your plans to life on the day. This option is much more affordable and you still have the benefit of not having to do anything on the day and not having to stress about the finer details. If you would like to find out more about hiring an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator, you can request a quote here.


Although food is a necessary part of a wedding, there are lots of ways you can save money and still have good quality food for your guests to feast on. One way is to eliminate canapes and dive straight into the starter. You could provide a selection of breads for your guests to fill up on and skip the starter altogether. Another suggestion is to forgo the dessert platter and serve your wedding cake instead.


A lot of money is spent on flowers at a wedding. If you love flowers and want them to play a big role in your decor, then indulge. Go all out and get the most beautiful flowers you can find! If you are a little more hands on, you could buy bouquets of flowers from your local grocery store the day before the wedding, cut off the stems and arrange small bunches of flowers to be placed into jars on the tables. You still get that beautiful pop of colour but you will be paying a fraction of the price.


The best way to save money in the decor department is to choose to make as much as you can. Collect jars and fill them with flowers, find vintage books and use them to create height on the tables, make your wedding favours and other small items and add a personal touch to your wedding! By investing a little more time into the decor, you can save a lot of money and you can invite your bridal party to spend some time bonding while making decor together.

These are just a few suggestions of ways to save and where to indulge. Ultimately it all boils down to your priorities and what you would like the focus to be on at your wedding. Allocate money to the aspects of your wedding that YOU want to indulge in! There is no set formula.

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