How To Make A Naked Cake

Naked cakes have been trending since 2013 and they don’t seem to be going anywhere! I’m not complaining, because these creations are a far cry from the buttercream and fondant covered cakes you see on most cake decorating shows.

Naked cakes take on a natural look and often incorporate pretty flowers, rosemary or succulents instead of  a thick layer of icing.

Naked cake 2

Thanks to Coco Cake Land for this recipe:

To make a naked cake, you will need: 

A baked and completely cooled triple layer cake in a flavour of your choice

4 cups of vanilla buttercream

A piping bag fitted with a large open circle tip

An offset spatula

A cake scraper

A cake board or cake plate

A serrated knife for levelling your cake layers

Fresh flowers and fruit of your choice – make sure the flowers are edible, or remove before eating.



1. Place a dab of buttercream on your cake board. Place the first cake layer on top. Using serrated knife, trim the cake to make it level.

2. Using your piping bag filled with buttercream, fill the first layer of cake. Trim the second cake layer to level it; place the layer cut side down on top of the buttercream. Continue this process with the third cake layer. Make sure all of your layers line up evenly, then chill the entire cake at this point in the freezer for 15 minutes.

3. Remove cake from freezer; using your offset spatula, begin crumb coating your cake with a generous amount of buttercream. Any gaps in the cake layers will be filled now with buttercream.

4. Using your trusty cake scraper, lightly run your cake scraper along your cake to scrape away the buttercream, leaving the remnants of buttercream behind as well as a smooth finish where the buttercream peeks through between the layers.

5. Scrape the top of the cake from the outside in to smoothe the top of the cake, too!

6. Adorn the top with fresh fruit and flowers! My approach to decorating the top was to place the items evenly but loosely on top – I like the idea of even spacing. However, I was tempted to also just shower the top with fruit and flowers! Find your style and roll with it!


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