Planning My Own Wedding: How Glen Planned The Proposal

Last week, I blogged about how Glen proposed and all the amazing ways we celebrated our engagement. He put in a lot of effort (as most men do) so I thought it would be fitting for him to share his side of the story. He bought the ring without me knowing, he asked my parents’ permission to marry me without me knowing, and his attempts to surprise me almost failed a few times but he succeeded! Here is Glen’s story:



The ring

Kelly and I went to various ring shops together. We decided it would be nice to know what she liked before I bought the ring. Of course she would still be eventually surprised though!! The first time we went into a jewelry store, I felt so awkward because I have never done something like that before! I felt like I would be judged by the shop owners. My head felt light and I felt nervous. I was also dreading seeing someone I knew while looking for rings. This was not because I was not ready to be looking for rings or to get engaged to Kelly, but because this was the first time we had ever done something like this! I didn’t know what the protocol was for such things! I remember being invited to sit down at the jewelry store for the first time and freaking out so much that I started to over heat and had to take some of my warmer clothes off.

Anyway, after looking at a couple of stores, we eventually found a ring that beat all other rings for Kelly, although the diamond was not quite the best. So we left the store happy that our search was probably complete.

And that was the last time Kelly knew anything about anything that was happening (haha). Kelly went up to Joburg one weekend and while she was away, I went with a friend to the jewelry store that had the ring Kelly had chosen. I spoke to the shop assistant, asked about the ring, and he showed me. The one thing I wanted to change was the diamond. I asked him whether he had a better diamond. He said they had two diamonds. Of those two diamonds, the better diamond was the only one in the store and it was only a small amount more expensive than the other diamond. He also said they had only one band left exactly like the one we had chosen that could fit the diamond.

His words to me were, “its almost like it was meant to be.” All these factors worked out perfectly to give exactly what I was looking for. The perfect diamond, the exact band we wanted that could also contain the diamond. All within my price range. Had any of these factors not been right, I would have had to wait weeks for the ring to be created. But everything was just right at the right time. So God.

A few days later I went to collect the ring, unbeknownst to Kelly! It always gave me satisfaction when she said, “I know you, you will buy the ring and propose to me on the day you buy it because you could never keep that a secret from me.” Well, I guess I proved her wrong. She even told all her friends that she could never be surprised. I smiled smugly inside myself. I think the conviction that she could read me so easily actually worked in my favour by making her oblivious to the fact that I actually had the ring right under her nose!!

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Asking her parents

The next step was to ask her parents for permission. On the drive there I was nervous but excited. But as the drive continued, I started getting more nervous and less excited. I started considering all the potential questions her parents would grill me with and started composing eloquent answers concerning the reasons for wanting to marry their daughter. I prepared myself hard for this question and answer session. When I got there, I sat down and said to Kelly’s parents, “I would like to ask for your permission to marry your daughter” (I had even rehearsed the best way of saying that line!!). No sooner had the words left my lips had Kelly’s dad said, “Yes”. I was actually quite taken aback. I didn’t know what to say! I expected them to say yes, but thought I would need to say a few things myself. I wanted to tell them how much Kelly means to me, the whole thing. They then went on to say some nice stuff about me, but I was determined to say some of the stuff I had planned to say!! So I told them how special Kelly was to me. And they really did appreciate it. And they were super happy to say yes! I left feeling happy!


Planning the proposal

The planning of the proposal went fairly quickly. Perhaps that was because in my mind I had subconsciously been planning things each time I thought about being engaged to Kelly over the preceding months. I bounced a couple of ideas off my parents and they gave me some sound advice as well! I wanted every aspect of the proposal day to be meaningful. Every place we would go needed to have some special meaning to us. The things we did needed to be unique in reflecting Kelly’s character. I wanted to show her that I had taken note of what she loved and wanted to give her a day of doing stuff that was truly special to her. I decided that I needed to incorporate games into every location because if you know Kelly you would have probably heard her say at some point, “Ah lets play a game!”. I wanted most of the day to be spent just with the two of us as this was significant of the journey we were about to embark upon. But I also wanted to include people who were close to her. Thus, although most of the day was just the two of us, it ended with a surprise supper with her family and drinks with a few friends. This way, she got to share the joy with some amazing people.


How the surprise factor almost failed

Along the way I faced a couple of hiccups! There were moments when Kelly almost found out. One time I told Kelly she could get something from a drawer that was right by the place where I was hiding the ring! Way too close!!

Another time, A friend decided to spam message me about how excited he was (albeit inconspicuously) for the coming weekend. I was not by my phone but Kelly was. I got irritated and asked her who the messages were from. She told me. And when I read them later, I got the fright of my life because if Kelly saw them she might have become suspicious! Thankfully she didn’t read the messages.

On the day, I messaged my parents that we were on our way (they helped set things up for me). However we took shorter than they expected to get to the proposal location. When we got there, my parents had not left yet!! I freaked out and braked in the middle of the road! I disgruntled all the cars behind me haha! I tried to guide Kelly’s vision elsewhere, not in the direction of the red car that was my parents’. My parents raced off thankfully very quickly. During this time Kelly had been messaging our friend about directions to get to this place (all part of the ruse!). Because of this, she had actually not even lifted her head and thus did not even see my parents’ car at all! She never even knew what was coming! That was God diverting her vision. And the rest, was you will have read, was the proposal day!

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I’m going to be blogging about the wedding planning process and sharing this part of the journey with you! Weddings are beautiful and often the planning can cause a lot of stress, so if you can learn anything by following what I do (be it learning from my mistakes or triumphs) that would be awesome!

Next week: People keep asking me two things: 1. Who is going to plan your wedding (answer: Glen and I are planning our own wedding) and 2. Have you started planning yet? (answer: yes we have!). So next week we’re talking about where to start and how much you can get done in the first couple of weeks of planning.

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Kelly Jane Mole is an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator that recently got engaged to the man of her dreams. She will be blogging about her wedding planning journey in the hopes that readers will learn something from her triumphs and mistakes. Follow the Illuminate My Event blog to see more!



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  1. This is such a sweet story! I can’t wait to follow this special time in your guys’ lives!

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