Planning My Own Wedding: Where To Start?

Glen and I have been engaged for just over three weeks and I think we’ve been quite productive so far! The beginning stages of the wedding planning process are quite daunting and things can feel a little overwhelming because there is a lot to think about. So, this is what we’ve done so far…

I have a 12 month wedding planning checklist that I give to brides I work with so we are using that to keep track of our plans. If you want one, you can get that here.


The very first decision we made

Before we got engaged we chatted about when we would like to get married. We selected a date that met a few requirements:

– Public holiday. This one isn’t a huge advantage for us since Glen is a musician and I am a wedding co-ordinator, so we will probably end up working on our anniversary. We chose a public holiday for the sake of friends and family coming to our wedding from out of town.

– Far away enough so that we can plan an awesome wedding, but close enough so that we don’t have to wait too long to get married. We’ve got seven months!

– At the beginning of the Winter wedding season. We want to make the most of the Winter rates (a lot of venues and service providers have off peak rates which begin in May) but we didn’t want the cold weather that comes with a wedding in the middle of Winter.

So with that, we selected our date: 1 May 2015. We have chosen our date and we are planning around it. Some people like to choose their dream wedding venue first and then select a date based on the venue’s availability. Other people begin with a photographer and work around their schedule.

Decor ideas

Again, we started with a bit of an idea of what we wanted. I found a beautiful colour scheme on Pinterest (which I have no intention of sharing on my blog, because I’d like a little bit of mystery for the people attending my wedding) and Glen liked it too! We expanded upon this idea by adding meaningful elements to our decor and stationary ideas. One thing we are incorporating is deer. There is a song that goes “As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs after You” (You being God). We both love God and want our wedding to reflect that.

Service providers

We haven’t done a lot in this department. On Monday we selected our photographers and confirmed their availability. We haven’t put down any deposits yet but we LOVE their work and we are excited to have them document our day.

I have found my dream wedding dress! I saw a photo of it on Pinterest and finally managed to find information about the designer. It turns out my dream dress is in New York. It is still available and it is in my size but it costs $7000, not including shipping. So, what I have done instead is make an appointment with a local dress maker who will bring my dress ideas to life!


Glen and I have a very clear idea of the type of venue we want as well as a long list of things we don’t want. Being a wedding co-ordinator I thought this would be the easy part, because I have worked at so many beautiful wedding venues. The tricky part is that the venues we have seen are either not available (because we are getting married on a public holiday) or they don’t fit into the vision we have. We’ve got a few ideas of how to solve this problem, but again, I’m keeping the mystery alive by not revealing anything.

Guests and bridal party

We are blessed enough to have lots of friends and family members from all over the country and we want them to be at our wedding. Choosing who to invite and who to leave out is a little scary but we are going to be doing that today!

Last night we created Save The Dates and Glen did a phenomenal job of taking our ideas and bringing them to life.

We also have a very clear idea of who we would like to be involved in our bridal party. We haven’t asked any of them yet because we want to ask them in a very cool and special way. I am so excited to have all my favourite girls by my side!

We have invited some friends over for an engagement party in a couple of weeks! This will be the first time some of them are meeting each other and we absolutely love the idea of having all our favourite people hanging out together. We are considering having a few pre-wedding events where our guests can get to know each other. That way, when the big day arrives, everyone at the wedding is family! No awkward strangers.


This is Glen’s family! In a few months they become my family and I couldn’t be more excited!

Next week: Glen and I are going to gym and getting toned and healthy for our wedding. So, next week I’ll be blogging about how it all started and what you should ask your personal trainer if you want to get fit for your wedding too!

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Kelly Jane Mole is an on-the-day wedding co-ordinator that recently got engaged to the man of her dreams. She will be blogging about her wedding planning journey in the hopes that readers will learn something from her triumphs and mistakes. Follow the Illuminate My Event blog to see more!



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