A Collection Of Chai Tea Inspired Recipes

If you are a chai tea lover, you have probably noticed that ordering it at a restaurant can sometimes be awkward. Not everyone knows what chai is, so ordering a chai latte may result in your waitron bringing you a regular latte (not ideal for those who don’t enjoy coffee). Even if your order is correct it is often extremely over priced.

So, why not considering making your own chai tea to enjoy at home? Why not take this a step further and incorporate spiced chai into ice-creams and desserts?

1. How to make chai tea

Chai tea

See the recipe here.

2. Iced Chai Latte


See the recipe here.

3. Chai Spiced Cupcakes

Chai cupcakes

See the recipe here.

4. Vegan Chai Ice Cream

Vegan chai ice cream

See the recipe here.

5. Chai Shortbread Cookies

Chai shortbread cookies

See the recipe here.




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