Cupcakes With A Surprise In The Middle

Cupcakes are the perfect high tea treat! There are so many options of cupcake flavours and icing colours and flavours too. There is nothing better than taking a bite of a cupcake and finding a little surprise in the middle. Have a look at these five recipes for glorious cupcakes with hidden centres:

1. Cream filled chocolate cupcakes

Cream filled cupcake

See the recipe here.

2. Raspberry filled vanilla cupcakes

Raspberry filled vanilla cupcakes

See the recipe here.

3. Butterscotch filled cupcakes

butterscotch cupcakes

See the recipe here.

4. Slime filled cupcakes with scum frosting (AKA coconut lime cupcakes)

Slime filled cupcakes

See the recipe here.

5. Peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing

Peanut butter filled choc cupcake

See the recipe here.


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