Avoid These Wedding Colour Mistakes

Choosing your wedding colour scheme is a lot of fun, but there are a few things that couples need to keep in mind when selecting their colour palette.


1. Ignoring your wedding venue colours

If your wedding venue has bright red curtains and your wedding colours are bright yellow and gray, there will definitely be a clash. Avoid this mistake by being mindful of your wedding venue’s colour palette before selecting one of your own. You could also intentionally select a wedding venue that is very neutral and serves as a blank canvas.

2. Neglecting to see floral samples

Not seeing a floral sample ahead of time may mean that your idea of “coral” and your florist’s are two different things. A lot of couples are not too phased by the variation but for some brides, this is a big deal. To avoid this, ask your florist to show you flower samples so that you know you are on the same page.

3. Taking your time making a decision

There are loads of creative colour schemes and palettes out there. Often, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide on the colour scheme you like but taking too long to do so can create problems later in the planning process. Your wedding colours set the tone for the wedding and the stationary. To avoid this, give yourself a deadline and start putting your plans into action!

4. Forgetting about contrast

Contrasts are beautiful. Forgetting this may mean that you select the exact same colour for your bridesmaids dresses and flowers. Although this isn’t a huge problem, it can create a look that lacks interest. Avoid this by being mindful of contrast when selecting your bridesmaids outfits, flowers and table decor pieces.

5. Selecting an unflattering colour

The beautiful shade of purple that you love may not look flattering on each of your bridesmaids. Be mindful of each bridesmaid’s skin tone and body shape when selecting the dress colour. You could add variation by choosing dresses in different shades of your wedding colour to suit each bridesmaid.



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