How To Choose An Eyeshadow To Best Suit Your Natural Eyecolour

I am no makeup expert, so I have called upon my good friend from Kelly B Makeup to enlighten us with her wisdom about choosing the correct eyeshadow colour. If you have questions for Kelly, get in touch with her on Facebook or leave a comment at the bottom of the blog post.

How To Choose An Eyeshadow To Best Suit Your Natural Eyecolour

Many women are not sure which eyeshadow colour suits them. The right one should enhance your natural eye colour and compliment it, but also fit in with the occasion; a bold smoky eye may not be appropriate for the office. Below is a guide to which colours will suit which eye colour, whether you are looking for a simple, subtle day look, or a stand-out evening look.

Brown eyes:

brown eyes


Daytime: Go for golds, soft browns, peaches and bronze. Matt versions of these colours tend to look a bit flat, so try find ones with a bit of shimmer in them.

Evening: Play around with greens, navy blue, teal and purple. They can be used as one solid colour, or two colours can be blended into each other for a more dramatic, fun look.

Green eyes:

Green eyes

Daytime: Although sepia and rust don’t sound like the prettiest of colours, these really make green eyes stand out and are great colours if you’re looking for something more subtle. Rose gold is also a beautiful colour which is still understated but compliments green eyes perfectly.

Evening: Try various shades of purple, from mauve to violet to plum. Also, add some glitter to up the glam-factor!

Blue eyes:

blue eyes

Daytime: Metalic shades like bronze, gold and copper really enhance beautiful blue eyes. Champagne and peach are also colours that don’t detract from blue eyes but are suitable for an everyday look.

Evening: Silvery blues, greys and slate colours look stunning on blue eyes and are perfect for creating a smoky-eye look

Hazel eyes:

Hazel eyes

Daytime: Gold, taupe or mushroom colour eyeshadow is good for hazel eyes and don’t wash out the colours that they contain (greens, golds, browns). Dusty pink is also subtle enough for daytime.

Evening: Burgundy, deep purples and greys make hazel eyes pop. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a fuchsia eyeshadow. Adding shimmer to the eyelids especially compliments the eyes.

As one gets older, some of these colours may not be appropriate or be as flattering. If you’re an older lady who loves colour, swap the colourful eyeshadow for a colour eyeliner. This way, you still get that pop of colour you love, but it’s still flattering and looks just as beautiful. Also, shimmer tends to be unflattering as we get older. A subtle shimmer can still look good, but avoid heavy glittery looks.

1653797_637456643040196_6522485648470108368_nFor more makeup tips, have a look at the Kelly B Makeup blog and Facebook page.



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