The Ultimate Tea Party

Have you ever wanted to throw a beautiful tea party? I am a big fan of tea, tea cups and all the cute treats that are associated with tea parties, so I found a whole load of inspiration on Pinterest today.

To create your very own tea party, follow the instructions below…

1. Collect beautiful tea cups and pots

Tea 2 tea 9 tea 10


2. Choose your brewing and serving options

Tea 1 Tea 3 tea 5 tea 7

3. Don’t forget about iced tea options

tea 4 tea 11

4. Choose your tea party treats

If it’s small, dainty and easy to eat without a knife and fork, you’re on the right track!

tea 6 tea 8 tea 12 Tea 13 Tea 14 tea 15 tea 16 tea 18

5. Decorate!

tea 20 tea 21 tea 22 tea 23

6. Remember that it’s all about who you share the day with

tea 17 tea 19 tea 24

7. And if you still aren’t convinced…

tea quote 2 tea quote 3 tea quote 4 tea quote 5 tea quote


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