My Colourful Thursday posts have begun to take on a new meaning to me. I’ve decided to focus on inspirational people and the colour they bring into the world. Today, I’ve got Tami Kolbe from Taylored on the blog. She is a good friend of mine and one of my style inspirations.

The Taylored blog is all about empowering women to rise above their fears and see their dreams achieved. Part of that is showing women how to dress well, and that is something Tami is very good at. If you don’t believe me, have a look at this:

Taylored 8Taylored 7Taylored 6Taylored 5Taylored 4Taylored 3Taylored 2Taylored 1
I urge you to follow Taylored on InstagramFacebook and WordPress if you are interested in fashion and being empowered. Tami has a heart of gold and she would love to hear from you so comment on her posts and let her know what you think of her outfits!


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