Planning My Own Wedding: It’s Not Only About The Wedding

Things have been really busy on my side. Co-ordinating other people’s weddings and all the work that goes with that has kept me busy, while Glen has been working hard on his music. Because of that, I skipped last week’s Wedding Wednesday post because we hadn’t really done any planning for a while. Now that we’ve got the big stuff sorted out [venue, food, photographer, date, bridal party, etc] we’ve taken a little unexpected, but necessary, break from planning. Still, we haven’t had any stressful moments and we are feeling as excited as ever.

Glen and I are so excited about our wedding and the more we talk about it, the more amped we get! We have lots of ideas of fun things we would like to do, and our friends and family have been asking us about plans which gets us more excited!

That said, we’ve also begun planning for marriage. People say this all the time, but our wedding is only one day. We are making a point of making that one day a really special one, while still setting aside time to build into our marriage and into our friendships with the people that are walking this journey with us.

So, this is what’s going down…

We’ve found a home!


Glen’s sister, Lauren and her husband, Garth have been living in the most beautiful cottage which is about 10 minutes from Glen’s parents and 15 minutes from mine. They are about to go on an exciting journey of their own in Oxford, which means that their home will need to be filled. We are the lucky ones that get to fill their home and make it our own. We are so blessed to have this sorted out so early on. I will move into our home in March and Glen will join me after our honeymoon.

I’m getting a makeover


I have always wanted to get braces, and now that we’ve got a wedding coming up, it’s a good time to get my teeth made straight! Glen and I have also been working out with our awesome personal trainer Gavin and we’re starting to see the results. It’s always a good time to be fit, healthy and toned, so looking great on our wedding day is only one of the goals.

It’s all about quality time


We don’t talk about our wedding every waking moment. We still go out for coffee and breakfast and just hangout together without the wedding being the focus. We’ve also been spending time with our friends. We hosted a Friendsgiving dinner on Saturday (which I will blog about later this week) and it was an awesome opportunity to just hangout together over a good meal.

We are loving this part of the journey we’re on. Being fiances is fun! Speaking of fun, Glen did a face swap of one of our engagement photos. It’s too priceless not to share:


If you are engaged and you’re feeling like planning the wedding is taking over your lives, here are a few tips:

1. As much as possible, keep wedding planning as a once a week activity. We started with Wedding Wednesdays, which was our admin day. We didn’t make our wedding an out of bounds topic on the other days of the week, but you may want to be a little stricter with each other for a few weeks.

2. Have a wedding email address. We did this at the very beginning of the planning process. That way, I don’t have wedding emails coming into my personal or work accounts. Essentially, I can ignore wedding emails until I have time to look at them.

3. Get your friends involved. If you’re at that stage of the planning process where there are lots of things to do, fetch, make or buy, start delegating. That’s one of the reasons you’ve got a bridal party. They can be your hands and feet, so get them moving!

4. Just chill. Don’t make every coffee date an opportunity to talk about your wedding. Talk about your day, your new haircut, your favourite TV show, anything but the wedding. Remember to just spend time together as fiances.

If you have some killer tips on how to connect with your partner during the engagement process, please share them! I would love some more inspiration.



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