Real Wedding: Tam and Grant

This is Tam and Grant, a beautiful couple from Durban, South Africa. Just over six months ago, they got married on Tam’s grandparents’ farm in the Midlands and the photos are the prettiest!


Tam and Grant’s wedding is a Pinterest-lover’s dream. The relaxed, picnic style setting perfectly captured the essence of their relationship, which began after they met on a camping trip. To add to the festivities, Tam, Grant and their families made potted plants, wooden discs, their arch, the big LOVE shelf, pinwheels, covers for the soup cups, all the stationary, and their wedding favours (fleece blankets for the girls and catapults with marbles for the boys).

Tam+&+Grant+Blog-2 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-3+copy Tam+&+Grant+Blog-56 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-70 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-71 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-85


“I think the thing that shouted US the most was the fact that it was a picnic at the farm I love and always talk about. All the amazing wood work definitely had Grant all over it. The succulent plants everywhere are a big favourite of mine and the overall atmosphere of fun, family and love is what we treasure and made a massive part of the day. Everyone was involved in something, and everyone felt a part of the family.”

Tam+&+Grant+Blog-13 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-33


“My favourite and most frustrating thing about the planning process was having an idea in my head, and seeing that all become a reality slowly but surely, as well as trying to get others to see what was in my head trusting me it would work. Grant was incredibly involved and supportive. He never doubted me and bent over backwards to understand and give or make what I had in mind. He’s a treat!”


When asked to give some wedding planning advice to newly engaged couples, Tam said: “It’s just a day. At the end of it, you’ll be married to your special person and that’s all that matters.” Well said, Tam!

Have a look at some more photos of this gorgeous wedding:

Tam+&+Grant+Blog-2 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-21 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-24 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-31 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-38 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-39 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-50 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-53 Tam+&+Grant+Blog-58+copy


Photography: Micaela De Freitas

Food: Dial-a-Picnic

Wedding planner: Faye from Poetry Weddings and Events


If you would like to submit your own wedding to be featured on the Illuminate My Event blog, you can do that here.



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  1. This was such a wonderful wedding to be involved in! The couple is very special and that always makes the world of difference when planning a wedding. What a pleasure to see all of Tam’s stunning ideas come together – well done Tam and Grant, stunning!!!

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