Personal Shopping Advice: What To Wear


How to dress if you have an hour glass body type

Most women would agree that the hour glass body shape is the most ideal when it comes to choosing garments. In some ways I would say that this is true but it is not always a walk in the park. I say this with confidence because that is my body type and because of the style I love, most times the pieces of clothing I want to wear  make my hips stand out and make my waist cinched in.  If however you love that look then good for you, I say embrace those curves and show off what your momma gave you. For me I have a bit of a complex about my hips in comparison to my tiny waist. ( don’t judge, we all have our things haha ) so I am always one to try and look a bit more proportioned in this area.

Lets take my pants for starters. Now you might think, High wasted pants would just make my hips bigger. Well I would usually say yes, but if you are a small framed person then wear a top that is not fitted, this will help not to cinch in the waist and give you more of a straight cut body type feel.

Also wearing a same or similar  colour top around your waist just balances out the waist to hip ratio, but make sure to keep the top around your waist the same colour as the pants, because if it is a different colour  your hip area will be accentuated. If that is the look you want then wearing a different colour would be great, if you are wanting to have your waist look very small and your bum look bigger.

The number one rule to looking slimmer ladies is to always wear darker colours. Ultimately your style is just that, YOURS.., so what ever you put on you need to wear it with confidence, that is the key and you instantly look better and people will ask you where you got what you are wearing.

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Top: Mr Price

Navy high waisted pants: Forever 21

Jersey: Woolworths

2013.11.19 KT - Touch of Madness - 19


Tami Kolbe is the brains behind Taylored Heart, a blog that seeks to equip, empower and inspired woman of all ages. It’s not just a platform to showcase fashion and show Tami’s favourite things. It’s also about showing women that if an everyday lady like herself can do this, then so can you.


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