Anna-Belle & Craig: A Beautiful Proposal Story

I am a sucker for a good proposal story, and when that story involves capturing the moment with the perfect photo, it’s just irresistible.

You may recognize Craig from South African bands Desmond & The Tutus and Yo Grapes and Anna-Belle from the super awesome blog She Said. These two got engaged on Christmas Day.


Craig had been touring with Desmond & The Tutus for the Puma Happy Holiday Tour and as usual, the tour took a little break over Christmas. During that time, Craig and Anna-Belle stayed just outside Plett with her cousin Shayne and her husband Roy. They spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful beaches and forests, producing adventurous photos like these:

Anna-Belle-Mulder-1-1024x683 Craig-Durrant-1-1024x683

“On Christmas Day, Craig and I went for a drive after lunch to enjoy our last day before he went back on tour and do a little more exploring. After driving around for an hour or so Craig pulled over into a little clearing in the most beautiful forest on the side of the road and asked if we could take one last photo. We took the photo and he asked for another, I remember pretty clearly asking him why he was suddenly so interested in photos, as I’m usually the one shoving a camera in his face.”

Processed with VSCOcam with h3 preset

“Nevertheless I set up the self-timer to take another picture and next thing I knew he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I don’t think I have ever been so surprised in my life, and now we will always have a picture of the exact moment we officially decided to spend the rest of our lives together.”


Have a look at Anna-Belle’s beautiful and unique engagement ring. Craig bought it from Dear Rae and it is gold with a Ruby stone.


If you have a special engagement story that you would like to share with the Illuminate My Event readers, you can do that here.


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