Real wedding: Tami and Ghiome

Meet Tami and Ghiome. They met at an Encounter Youth Conference at their church, after having both served at their church for a year and a half. Their friendship grew quickly and two months later they made it official. Five months after that, Ghiome proposed!

“I never got that phrase that people would say ‘When you know, you know’ until I met Ghiome. He was everything and more that I had been looking for and from the time I met him, I just knew. Now I am that person who says ‘When you know, you know’.”



As a young engaged couple, Tami and Ghiome didn’t have a huge wedding budget, so they really had to be creative. Having a background in Interior Design, this creative bride made all the table decor – Pinterest style – and enlisted the help of close friends to make brownies and biscuits for the guests to snack on.

This intimate wedding was held in May at 11am until 3pm. Tami and Ghiome never really understood why people allowed their weddings to go on for the whole day, so they had a short, sweet celebration with 53 of their closest friends and family. They also made this wedding their own by not including some of the expected wedding traditions, such as a wedding cake and a first dance.

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This cool, calm and collected bride made a conscious decision not to get stressed about the wedding. She sourced a venue that was rustic and beautiful and didn’t require too much decor to look pretty, knowing that the day would ultimately be about hers and Ghiome’s worlds colliding and joining together.

Have a look at some more beautiful photos of Tami and Ghiome’s wedding:

168196_10151628118241131_310609893_n 268996_10151627893641131_867867025_n 293788_10151627978931131_796090705_n 401081_10151627956101131_1008872602_n 401784_10151628095756131_623623951_n 431851_10151627925731131_638178859_n 960088_10151627901331131_1110749638_n 970916_10151628087951131_1762613304_n

Venue: Langkloof Rose Farm, Wellington

Photos: Sveta Becker and Nana Rosengard


If you would like to share your wedding story with the Illuminate My Event readers, you can do that here.


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