Get The Look: Sporty



Recently Mondays have become an off day for me. Which has been absolute bliss as my Husband gets Mondays off and we get to do what we want. For most of the day we just relaxed, lazed around, had sushi but for the second half we decided to go to my favorite local spot.

The atmosphere here is stunning  with ducks everywhere, people picnicking and having their evening runs around the Dam. I hope that you love this next outfit post of What I wore. It was such a comfortable sporty look but I love how at the same time it can be a smart look by just putting on a pair of heels.






Get the look:

T-shirt: Mr Price

Blazer: Witchery

Jeans: Woolworths

Shoes: Levi’s

2013.11.19 KT - Touch of Madness - 19


Tami Kolbe is the brains behind Taylored Heart, a blog that seeks to equip, empower and inspired woman of all ages. It’s not just a platform to showcase fashion and show Tami’s favourite things. It’s also about showing women that if an everyday lady like herself can do this, then so can you.


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