Wedding Invitation Wording

You can have the  most beautifully designed wedding invitations, but the information given on a wedding invitation is what we use it for. There are many ways to put words on paper and ultimately, the voice with which you express the information can be classified as either formal or casual. Have a look at the examples below to see what fits your style and personality.

Step 1: Who is the host?

The Bride’s parents:

“Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Durand
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Sophie Lynn
Jeffrey Matthew
son of
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lautrec”


The groom’s parents:

“Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edward Sanchez
request the honour of your
presence at the marriage of
Linh Thu Quy Do
to their son
Nathan Michael Sanchez”


The Bride’s parents and the Groom’s parents:

“Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Kling
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Langston
invite you to share in the joy of the marriage uniting their children
Ashley Marie Kling
Patrick Everett Langston”


The Bride and Groom:

“Together with their parents
Julia Esabella Sanmeters
Nicholas Kristoff Demett
request the honour of your presence at their marriage”


Divorced parents:

There are many variations of this scenario, including one set of divorced parents and remarried parents. You can find more invitation wording examples on the Invitation Consultants website.


Step 2: The request line

At a place of worship:

“Request the honour of your presence…”


Informal ceremony:

“Would be delighted by your presence at the marriage of their children…”


Informal reception:

“Invite you to join them at the wedding of…”


Other informal wording examples:

“Invite you to share in a joyful celebration…”

“Invite you to celebrate their wedding…”

“Invite you to celebrate their marriage…”


Step 3: The date and time


Spell out numbers and capitalize proper nouns only.



Using numerals is more modern, but not necessarily more casual.


Step 4: Where is the ceremony being held?

Traditionally, the address of the ceremony location should not be included in the invitation wording, but many couples choose to ignore that rule and include as much information as they can.


“St Paul’s Church, Camp’s Bay, Cape Town”

“Heart of the Hills Christian Church
8356 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, Michigan”

Step 5: Where is the reception?

There are many variations of this part of the invitation, because many couples invite some guests to the ceremony only, so reception information is not necessary. Some ceremonies and receptions are hosted at the same venue and don’t require a separate set of information.

If the reception is at the same venue:

“Reception to follow”


If the reception is taking place at another venue:

“Reception to follow”

Include all reception information below or on a separate card


Step 6: RSVP information

Traditional RSVP line:

This goes on the lower left corner. You may include a mailing address, phone number, email address and/or website.

On a separate card:

“Please let us know whether you will join us”, with space for writing. You may want to include a stamped and addressed RSVP envelope for guests to respond promptly.


Step 7: Special details

If you are serving cocktail food instead of a sit down meal, you could using phrasing such as “and afterward for cocktails” instead of “at the reception”. If you want to emphasize the importance of a dress code, such as “black tie” or “casual”, that information can be included in the bottom right corner.

Traditionally, it is considered rude to include any form of wedding registry information in the invitation or in an insert. These days, some brides and grooms choose to include this information anyway, with a polite request such as “Your presence is the greatest gift of all, but if you would like to bless us with a gift for our new home, we have a registry at…”


Special Details on the Wedding Invitation

Reception Line or Card

Date and Time

Bride and Groom Lines

Request Line

Host Line

Photos: Martha Stewart Weddings



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